Written by ZOMG05, Orignally descovered by ?????

Notice : Please be aware you are trying this at your own risk! ZOMG05, and or Hero Junkies will not be liable for any damages caused by this guide.

There has been alot of talk on how to  run two clients at the same time. First I use to think about virtual pc... Virtual pc is a pain in the neck to get it ready ( unless you haven't already )... First you have to install windows, then the drivers, and then hero online. For some users it didn't work ( because they didn't have a copy of windows. ) There is an easyer way of running two clients ... and here is how you do it.

Required items
A good pc
2gb of ram or more
two hero online accounts

Step one - Press Ctrl, alt, delete and open up task manager.  Then launch hero online as you usually do... log in, and load up your ingame character on a map, and or server with the least amount of people on it to reduce the lag.

Step two - Press Alt+tab to go to switch windows, and go to task manager. Go to the Processes, and look for a process named "Launcher.exe". After you find it, click " end process".

Step three - Open up a new Hero online client, by ether going to the task manager and clicking "new task", or just going to the start menu and opening it up there. Click launch game on the new launcher, and bam you should have two hero onlines running at the same time. Becareful of lag, and try not to go to maps, such as cm, with alot of people.

Step four - enjoy doing what ever you want to do.. an idea would be to plvl/ md your self.

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