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This website is dedicated to the better of the hero online player. It is made by ZOMG05 but most of the guides posted here are made by normal hero online players. So please, if these guides have helped you, or you just want to be nice... send the person(s) who made the guide a Thanks. 

If you stumbled on this website by accident, and or are looking for the link to download the latest HERO ONLINE version then please Click here

If you experience any technical, or gramatical issues with this website please contact me.

Hero Online Official website links -
Hero Online USA - http://hero.netgame.com
Hero Online China - http://hero2.17173.com/   http://www.herochina.com.cn/
Hero Online Japan - http://hero.mgame.jp/
hero Online Brazil - heroonline.com.br
Hero Online Turkey - http://www.heroturkey.com/
Hero Online Korea - http://hero.mgame.com

Important contacts for Hero Online  -

Mgame USA ( I think )
30 Corporate Park
Irvine, CA 92606
Phone: (949) 553-0558

Trust who ( paypal )
1 (503) 252-1169 - Support 24/7

ClickandBuy InfoLine:
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ClickandBuy ServiceLine (customer care):
(For information on your ClickandBuy account and invoicing)
ClickandBuy SupportLine:
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PayByCash ( mailing )
Internet Payment Solutions, Inc.
2020 Avon Court, Suite 25
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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