How to plvl guide made by ZOMG05

 Alright so you made a new char and you don't want to lvl it back up to lvl 55 or so for wars... or w/e...
There is an easier and cheaper way of doing things. ( It might take a while depending on were you grind. ) This guide will show you how.

You will require -
A good lvl char for faster plvling
A guild for both chars to be in
2 computers or two hero online clients ( for that guide go here )
2 hero online accounts

Step one - start both computers, and log on to the accounts on your 2 computers
Step two - Put both of your chars into the same guild
Step three - Get both chars to the map your high lvl char grinds on
Step four - Press D, and go to the md tab. Make a m/d.  Have your high lvl char invite your low lvl char to a m/d. Press OK on your low char to accept.
Step five - Ctrl click on your main char, and ctrl+click on it. Change exp method to "share".
Step six - Go grind with your main char, and your lowbie char should be getting good exp.

Things to keep in mind - Make sure your lowbie char is out of the save zone when you go to plvl or else it will not get the shared exp.
                                   Use cryptic armor on lowbie char after it gets to lvl 24 ( it will get more exp w/ cryptic armor. )
                                   Getting pary bonus will increase your exp intake by 10%.

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