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Ying Yang Dungeon guide

Ying-Yang Dungeon ( Tranquil Vale ).

How To get to Tranquil Vale ?
From Southern Plains ( SP ) >>> go to Zhuang-Shao District >>> Mudo Island >>> Tranquil Vale ( max your map and look for the portal )
NOTE : Watch out in Mudo Island and Tranquil Vale , these maps are PVP maps .

How to make a dungeon party ?
Make a Vigilante or Get into one. ( ctrl + right click a player to request Vigilante , or just ask outher people to be added in there vigilante )
Maximum of 20 members in a Vigilante , max member from a vigilante that can enter dungeon is 10 .
NOTE : You can only enter a Vigilante if its the same faction as you

How To Enter Dungeon ?
Ying-Yang Explorer will give you 3 FREE keys every day. After you get the keys and your in a Vigilante go into Dungeon portal .
If you cant enter that means its full , and you have to wait till a party leaves .
NOTE : If you use all 3 keys , you can buy more from Ying-Yang Explorer (NPC) 1 mil=1 key .

Things you sould know.
*Mobs in dungeon drop : Black plates
*Bosses drop : Black plates ( 10 bundle ) ( npc them to get normal black plates )
*Def-Sdef : if you got 1200 , 2500 you will get the minimum hit from mobs.
*Black Plates : you can buy lvl 70 Dungeon armors, accs and strenghtning stones from the NPCs with your black plates .
*Tranquil Vale dungeon has a lvl limit 70 - 100
*Loot method : its good to let everyone pick up black plates or at least share them out at the end .
*If you want to go with your guild you can make MD ( master disciple )
* + ing items : you can + Dungeon items up to +30, if you want a better success rate , Black Charm Of Luck ( HT Item ) will help .
* How to leave dungeon : Simply Die... get killed by mobs or ask your friends to kill you . ( you wont loose exp or honor )

If you want to farm black plates (For this method 3.5K skilldef is recommended but of course 10K+ CA and 4K+ sdef is even better) :
Make a vigilante with a friend - guildmate . Enter dungeon with him or alone . If you can do dungeon alone and kill the 2nd boss you can get over 1 K Black plates 1 round . After killing the 2nd boss exit dungeon and go again , 3rd boss is realy hard . That way you will get a lot of BPs ( Black Plates ) .

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