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Steam Flow/Soft Shoulder

For making lvl 110 armor/wep/acc, u need to grind, gather, decipe and mine stuff.

From gathering, deciping and mining u get:


Craft books:
Reincarnation Root
Thousand Day Plant

NPC Items:
100 year old gensing
1000 year old gensing

Production Items:
Linderae Radix
Rehmnniae Radix
Apricot Stone
Vegetable coloring
Ulmus dividiana
Dianthus Chinensisjj
Solomons seal powder
Full cocoon
Colored Fruit Skin
Ternstroemia japonica


Rusty Pestle
Bronze Sculpture
White Silver Ore
Leather Pile
Rusty Mortar

NPC Items:
Pure Gold Ore
Pure Silver Ore

Production Items:
Bronze Bar
Hard Rock
Black Coal
Red Metereorite
Furming Ore

From Deciping:

(all kind of books that is needed to craft plans for armor, jewelry and weapons)
Book of Golden Water Powder
Glaze Recipe
Book of Green Grass
Silk Cotton Pattern
Book of Ore Distinguishing Device
Book of Hunting Dagger

NPC Items:
Oil Painting

From Grinding:
(some items only warlord can pick up other classes cant pick it up)

Yellow Named Items:
Vegsteble Juice
Fine Bone powder
Stone pot
Golden water powder
Iron Mortar
Thick Animal skin
Lotus powder
Luminous Bead


Crafting material:

Patterns (armor/wep/acc)

Crafting material (everybody can pick up)
Freshness pills (material)
Recovery Pills (material)
Lotus join
Thin Animal Skin
Thick Bones
Rigid Leather
Craftsman sack

Special for warlord to pick up:
Fine dense powder

Other Items:
Sky King acc (cant be dismantled)
Yama acc ( can be dismantled)
Yama armor/boots/helm (can be dismantled)
Weapon (can be dismantled)
BD acc (green named) drops rarely
+1+2+3 PP
Garnet Crystal
Opal Crystal
Citrine Crystal
EJ Crystal
Clear Crystal
Red Jade
Grand Ginseng

Event items:
War loot (high)
War Loot (med)

Event items ~ NPC value

From grinding:

War loot (med) ~ 1,2mil
War loot (high) ~ 4mil

From gathering:

100 year old ginseng ~ 2mil (can be stacked)
1000 year old ginseng ~13mil (can be stacked)

From Decipering:

Oil painting ~ 7mil (can be stacked)

From mining:

Pure Gold Ore ~ 9mil (can be stacked)
Pure Silver Ore ~ 1,5mil (can be stacked)


Fire/water/wind essence = Dismantle Nature purification (name not spelled right) and u get all 3 elements, you can stack the elements BUT u cant see how many you got in 1 stack.

You can also dismantle lvl 104 items ( only those called Yama) and get a box where you can either find a plan or mold of any kind of armor, jewelry or weapon, and any element (wind, fire or water).


Golden Water powder = book of golden water powder + 2 Stone pot + 3 lotus powder
Stone Pot = 1 + 6 + 8
Lotus powder = Bronze Sculpture + 5 + 7
Glaze = 1 Glaze recipe + 1 Fine bone powder + 2 vegsteble Juice
Vegsteble Juice = Silk cotton + 6 Vegetable coloring + 11 colored Fruit skin
Silk cotton = 1 silk cotton pattern + 1 tussah + 1 thin leather
Fine Bone Powder = pestle + 1 iron motar + 3 thick bones
Pestle = Rusty Pestle + 1 vio Iron + 2 Rigid Leather
Iron Mortar = Rusty Motar + 2 Toxic Irons + 1
Thick Leather skin = 1 leather pile +2 thin leather + 3 rigid leather
Printing cotton = 1 rough cloth + 1 chromatic powder + 4 black coal
Elemental Alloy = book of Elemental Alloy + 1 dense iron + Nature purification
Elemental Fabric = Book of Elemental Fabric + 1 Tussah + Nature purification
Luminous Bead = Shiney ning drink + 1 Luminous Stone + 5 Dense bone powder
Shiney ning drink =
White thread = White Silver + 6 Solomons seal powder + 14 Mane
White Silver =

Hunting Dagger =
Eyeball of ass. =
Green Grass Pill =


Armor mold = pattern armor wind + 6 elemental fabric + 1 white thread

Yama Heavenly Flower Bracelet mold = Yama Heavenly Flower Bracelet pattern + 1 elemental alloy + 1 Luminous bead

Yama Heavenly Flower Ring mold = Yama Heavenly Flower Ring patternen + 1 elemental alloy + 1 Luminous bead

Strong Sky King Gauntlet Mold = 1 Strong Sky King Gauntlet pattern + 4 elemental alloy + 1 Luminous bead


Helm (F) plan = 1 helm (F) book + 2 thick animal paper + 1 printing cotton

Yama Heavenly Flower Bracelet plan = 1 Yama Heavenly Flower Bracelet book + 2 Thick animal skin

Final Craft
(fire can be replaced with wind or water too)

Gaunt = gaunt plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Gaunt mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Rod = Rod plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Rod mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Spear = Spear plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Spear mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Axe = Axe plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Axe mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Marble (fan) = Marble plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Marble mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Blade = Blade plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Blade mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Sword = Sword plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Sword mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Bow = Bow plan (Fire) + 3 glaze + Bow mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Circlet (fire) = Circlet plan (Fire) + 2 glaze + circlet mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Armor = armor plan (Fire) + 2 glaze + amor mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Boots = Circlet plan (Fire) + 2 glaze + circlet mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Ring = Ring plan (Fire) + 1 glaze + Ring mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Bracelet = Bracelet plan (Fire) + 1 glaze + Bracelet mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Earring = Earring plan (Fire) + 1 glaze + Earring mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence
Amulet = amulet plan (Fire) + 1 glaze + amulet mold (Fire) + 1 Fire Essence

For Dime Dessert

Items you get from:


Wind Essence
Water Essence
Fire Essence
Vegstble Juice
Lotus Powder
Full Cocoon
Picking Ho

Event items:

1000 Year Old Ginseng
100 Year Old Ginseng

Red Metorite
Red Jade
Shiny Stone
White Stone
White Silver Ore
White Silver



Paralysis mask books (F)(M) (lvl 126 mask)
Dried meat book


Eight Angled Dagger

(NPC item)
Oil Painting



Sharp Fang
Sharp Tooth
Book of golden water powder
Dried Meat recipe
Book of paralysis mask (M) (F)

Yellow crafting material:

Silver thread
Elemental Fabric
Elemental Alloy
Vegsteble Juice
Golden water powder
Printing cotton
Luminous Bead
Lotus powder

Books (yellow):

Shiney ning drink

Normal crafting items:
Thiny Bag of Gems (this item can be stacked but dosnt show amount)
Craftsman sack
Freshness pills (material)
Recovery Pills (material)
Clear Crystal
Red Jade

Other Stuff:

BD acc. (green named)
Ghost Dagger chest
Pet Molds
Sky King acc (cant be dismantled)
Yama lvl 104 armors
Yama lvl 104 acc
Sky King weapons (104)
Grand ginseng
+1+2+3 PP
Garnet Crystal
Opal Crystal
EJ crystal
Citrine Crystal
5D helm (yellow named)
5D boots (yellow named)
5D armor (yellow named)
BD armor (Yellow named)
Bd Boots
Bd Helm (yellow named)
Sc armor (yellow named)
Sc boots (yellow named)
Sc helm (yellow named)

Gambling box:

Jade Emperor Chest (get mold or plans out of this item)

Event items:

War loot (high)
War Loot (med)

Composition (

Leather saddle = saddle + 25 thick animal skin + golden water powder (can fail)
Wild Animals sharp fang = sharp fang + 9 fine bone powder + golden water powder (can fail)
Wild Animals Sharp tooth = Sharp Tooth + 7 Vegetable Juice + 1 Golden Powder (can Fail)

Feral Ammy = Wild Animal Tooth + Wild Animal Fang + Leather Saddle

Mask (F) (lvl 126) = book of paralysis mask (F) + 4 elemental fabric + 3 silver thread + 1 Thiny Bag of Gems

Dried Meat = Dried meat recipe + 8 Jerky meat + 6 Lotus Powder (this item is for lvl 1+ its like str Wine gives 2 wind 2 water 2 fire and can be used my lvl 1 and up )

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