Required stats for most maps made by (GA)Rootish. ( He says its not finished yet. )
to get 2s in:

Stone - 650 def 1200sdef (poison def of 15+ required)
SV - 750 def 1400 sdef (conf def of 12+ required)
Crimson - 800-850def 1800sdef (poison def of ... req. conf def of 8+)
Crystal - 900-950def 2000sdef (unknown posion/para. 14+ conf req)
DT - 1100-1200def 2100-2300sdef ( no posion/para/conf req)
RDL - 1300+def 2500-2700sdef (unknown posion/para. 45+conf req)

(figures courtesy of Koschei)
(additional info added from Jiaa)


BM 2.5k sdef + HP, 450 def
Stone 3k sdef + HP, 650 def
Silent 3.5k sdef + HP, 750 def (10+ para def req)
Crimson (Tussan) 4.5k sdef + HP
Crimson (Tokma) apparently less than required for Tussan.

Hohanama 5.3k sdef + HP, 1k def.
rakma v1 = 800 def, 2.5k hp (doesnt skill)
rakma v2 = 5.3k sdef + HP,700 def
rakma v3 = 5.5k sdef + HP,700 def
Red Dragon = 5.5k+ sdef + HP (possibly 6k)
( courtesy of Triniton)
(additional info from Dyna)

These figures should be enough to survive the big hits and any extra hits from mobs, so as long as your potting skills are good, they should be enough.

Any help in completing, greatfully received.

Many thanks.
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