Guide Made by XULASSASIN

Slayers are fast and can stay invisible indefinitely. They are great for slaying other factions but require patience.

Slaying at DC. Start point at Central Market portal.
1. Position yourself by the Central Market portal.
2. Switch to PVP server.
3. At current location, add your buffs LVL 12(dodge, accuracy, speed).
4. Use Move of Disguise LVL 12 (this uses fewer chi than the lvl50 skill).
5. Active Wind drift and run around DC looking for slayee.
6. When u see target. Use Steal Health skill, then bombard slayee with skill attack until you kill zhuang.
7. If you don’t kill the target within 3 seconds, use your LVL50 Slayer skill to disappear and run for your life.
EXTRA: if you have a combat pet. Release pet and set to combat to attack target before u attack.

NOTE: position yourself using the none PVP server. Onces in position switch over to PVP server.

Slaying at Spirit Spire.
1. Position yourself using the none PVP server.
2. I find that the best position is by the cliff on one side of the ramp. The others can see you from there POV if they are by the tavern area.
3. Same technique. Buff yourself, disappear and wait for your target to appear.
4. If you don’t kill them within 3 seconds run towards the tavern (safe zone).

Slaying at Southern Plains
1. Position yourself by the Portal to Spirit Spire in cloak using Move of Disguise.
2. Wait until your target appears and attack.
3. Go through portal if you don’t kill target within 3 seconds.

Use Move of Disguise it uses less chi
Use Most powerful attacks for fast kill
Use take advantage of element of surprise
This is a hit and run tactic. Don’t stay potting your way to survive.
PARA is king in PVP
Combat Pet gives you that extra edge in making the kill.

EXTRA: dishonorable assassination style
Look chat window for opposite faction selling EXP that is close to your level. I never go above 15 levels above me. Whisper them, “I might buy, are you shao/zhuang? What level? Come to (PVP kill zone location), so we can party and I can see you are such level.”.

NOTE: you have not made a deal yet. So, you are not scamming that you will buy. You are stating that you MIGHT buy, but just want to see their level. Now go to your designated location and wait using your assassin skill. When they get there, KILL the F00L. I once killed a divine using this technique. I leveled 4 levels.

REMEMBER you are an assassin, this is what you do. You ASSASINATE the opposite faction. You don't play fair, use what you can to get the advantage in battle.

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