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Ok, im stuck on a ship and i cant login so....

Ive seen alot of ppl asking abt builds in either here, players question, or the GMs forums. Althou i see some Stats Allocation Charts in here, i figured i shld probably add one for the benefit of new players.

There are currently these builds in the game commonly used by high levels.

Dex/Intel- Str/Intel- Str/Dex- Pure Str- Pure Intel- Hybrid

And these are the respective class, ill go in abit with them so u understand y i mix each Class with each Build. Ill only go into those spells/buffs worth mentioning.

Surgeon- Sdef boost and HP Recovery speed/ Combat Medic- Curse of Torment for para( up to 200 poison dmg as well) Has a Debuff.

Tracker- Defence bonus(at abt 400 intel gives 98 defence) No debuff/ Ranger- Doom of attack ( Decrease targets attack pwr) act as a debuff, Increase perfection is junk.

Musa- Has a Debuff which reduce targetss defence(400intel reduces abt 160 defence), Champion- Has a debuff which decreases Targets Attack pwr(same as ranger). Now the thing abt Warriors are, other than their Debuffs, the lvl 50 skills are pretty much USELESS. BUT PoW is enuf to owned every class skill COMBINED period.

Now, Physicians are perhaps the least played class in this game. Everyone think they are worthless save the para( Seen Shuijin spam his ass in war?), But ill teach you how to lvl with a physician. A lvl 68 Combat medic can train at SV with no problems wadsoeva if u are a Dex/Intel build. What u do is, put on ur pure sdef armour, lure the mobs to you and spam ur "Curse of Torment" until none of the mobs are moving. As for Surgeons, ur only boost is the sdef which probably isnt very attractive. Nevertheless i haf 2 guildmates who are tracker and surgeon. Both of them party each other, haf the same build, give each other nice buffs and lvl VERY fast together. They are both flying now.

Warriors are perhaps the class to play right now. Whatever u warriors are crying abt, lvl 50 skills blah blah. I can only tell u Prayer Of Warriors(PoW) is enuf to own every other class skills out there. Some of u might argue that Hunters(Trackers) haf more defence, BUt thats a nono. At 500 Intel PoW gives abt 200 Defence, whilst A tracker gets abt 180. Not to mention if u get debuffed in PvP, PoWs fast cooldown allows u to override the debuff in a short time whilst trackers haf to wait much longer to cast again. Anywho, In PvP the Musa/Champion debuffs are ESSENTIAL, u need to learn how to make use of them to be able to use the class well. If u are a melee hitter, make use of the musa debuff to get rid of targets defence. And if ur not, use champion debuffs to take away targets attack pwr so u haf an easier time. I would also like to add that Champions debuff has a shorter range so higher level players prefer Musa.

Hunters- Well basically, most players chose hunter becos of taming. But i can tell u right now, there isnt alot of high level hunters because they(sorry but) suck. Trackers do give a nice defence boost but u dun haf a debuff to lure mobs to u, and unless u haf ALOT of intelligence the boost wont be big. Rangers are just wayyyy off to be honest becos they dun haf ANY skills worth mentioning except perhaps Doom of Attack to reduce attack pwr in PvP and to pull mobs. As a Hunter u can probably PvE well with the Passive 70 defence boost(at lvl 12), however in PvP u haf no skills wadsoeva to help u. If u are the kind of ppl who enjoys the game without PvP than this class might work, but if u love to PvP, Hunters will not work.

Assasins- Are the uber class in dealing dmg. If u attack from cloaked aka stealth, u deal 35(give or take 2) more dmg. Most players enjoy playing assasins becos they give u a good edge in PvP. But in PvE, they haf no skills to help u in training. Having a dodge boost is nice but u can live without it, however if u train in Bamboo mountain and below. U can easily get 450 dodge and watch 7 outta 10 regular attacks missed you. Slayer buff gives 80(abt), hawks talon(passive) another 70, deadly wind amulet gives 200 so thats 350 dodge already. I wouldnt advice ppl to use dodge thou, becos every once in awhile the mobs will decide to do something funny and all hit u at the same time. Most high level assasins are Shinobis becos they haf a debuff to help u pull mobs in training. I would like to add a fact that, if u haf a certain(Pigeon me to ask if u must) amt of dex, u will NOT miss a regular hit from stealth.

Ill go into each on of them and explains how they work. These builds are the only ones that i see in-game right now so funny stuff liek Pure dex isnt gona work lol.

Dex/Intel- Is AWESOME for PvE, Normally u need to be lvl 72(assuming str/intel or str/dex) to be able to train at SIlent Valley. But i haf seen Pure Dex/intel Players doing so at lvl 65. At lvl 70 in Sky cleaver gears, Nothing at lower Silent valley does more than 100 to you(Old warriors might). The drawback of this build is that u are not gona do alot of Dmg in PvP. And to my observations, having more health is better than having more Skill Defence PvP wise. So to say, if someone is 10 lvls above you and has ALOT more combat attack than ur combat defence, u will probably die in one hit. Whilst someone at the same lvl as you who has ALOT of str AND health will survive the hit. So it will be wise to add a little bit of Strength to haf Health to tank Boss hits

I would advise ppl who wants to go Dex/intel to choose warrior OR hunter for maximum defence. My advice would be go to for 1 str 3 dex 4 intel Ratio. 50 Str 150 dex and 200 Intel at lvl 60 ish sounds like a decent Dex/intel build to me

Str/Intel - Is the best build in the game IMO. Str/Intel allows you to haf ALOT of Combat Attack AKA Dmg. So u basically hit others for alot in PvP and u can kill mobs faster in PvE. Now the drawback on Str/Intel is, u will haf absolutely no defence wadsoeva(Notice pure def gears go for alot in market?). In PvP, if u go up against a melee hitter, ur screwed. In PvE u will advance to a stronger area to train slower than Builds with Dex. To fix this problem, Most players go with warrior to make up for their low defence with PoW. Since u haf alot of intelligence, PoW WILL give u a huge bonus. I haf seen alot of lvl 70-72 Str/intel players reclassed to Warriors for the sake of training at Silent Valley. However there are some who use dodge to their advantage as well, to be able to dodge effectively in SV u would need at least 500. So i dun really like "Dodging".

My advice on this build would be go Warrior OR Assasin if u really love PvP.

Str/Dex- Are the Kings of Melee hitting, Now in PvP u shld ONLY be either an Assasin or Warrior. Assasin to hit from cloak and Warriors so that u can haf a nice Attack Pwr boost from PoW. This build is Very strong in PvP since most players are Str/Intel and haf no dex wadsoeva to haf a decent defence.U will also find that Str/Dex builds are VERY hard to kill becos they all haf a sheit tonne of Health. The drawback on Str/Dex is that u will haf a harder time trying to train especially if u are an Assasin. IF u are an Assasin, U haf no PoW to give u any Def boost and becos of LOW intel u haf no skill defence either. And if u went Warrior Str/Dex, ur PoW isnt gona help u very much as u dun haf alot of Intel. MOst Str/Dex builds i see around train on mounts, and that for me isnt a very wise thing to do. Sure, u might be strong in PvP for a moment but i hardly see anyone progress past 75 training on mounts.

My advice for this Build is go Warrior and Keep intel at 50(to learn 40 and 60 skills) while Adding Str/Dex in the ratio of 2.5 to 1.

Hybrid- is a Mix of stats, meaning u haf pretty much everything. Now to start things off there are 2 kinds of hybrids. One of them invest more stat points into Str and the other More into Intel. Those who add more Str to their builds bascially melee hit in PvP, They also haf more Health to tank hits and maybe bosses. While those who invested more into Intel uses skills in PvP, They haf MORE Combat atack(skill dmg), more combat defence. BUt becos they haf LOW strength, they naturally haf lesser health to tank bosses and in PvP. Dun bash me for saying this but most ppl who went hybrid are bascially those who messed up their builds and are now Str/intel or Str/dex wannabes lol. Or They wanted to go Dex/intel or Str/Dex but realise they canot PvP(Dex/intel) or Train(Str/dex) effectively hence adding mroe Str and Intel respectively to their builds.

This Build is pretty good for lvling and is decent for PvP, But u really shld go for warriors becos of PoW. Most players out there haf a VERY crappy hybrid build and PoW is perhaps their saving grace. Go for either 2 str 1 dex 1 intel for melee hitting and more HP. OR go 1 str 1 dex 2 Intel for more dmg and easier training.

Pure Intel/ Pure Str- Ill do this 2 together since there really isnt much to say except PVP! U may noticed from countless visits to Mudo/TV that there are a couple of players near ur lvl but they do UBER sheitload of dmg to u. And then u wonder how they do it and start feeling bad abt ur builds. Well dun feel bad! Short is gona show u the secret of it! Most Pure Str or Intel players restat to their current build. There is absolutely no way wadsoeva to train with a Pure Int or Pure Str build. I myself is a perfect example of a Pure Str wannabe, however i realise it i canot train effectively and now im kinda hybrid. I feel mad at myself for giving myself such a hard time training without lvl 40 aoes and dex only to be adding them now.

I wouldnt advice anyone on this Build but IF u must, Str build shld be Warrior or Assasin. If u are a sin, add dex to the point where u will not miss regular hits from cloaks. Warriors shld think of whether u wanna wear dragon scale bracelet for accuracy or just add dex so u can wear fierce tiger bracelet. As for Intel build, i havnt seen any warriors with Pure intel so Sin is the way to go for a 35 boost of deadly dmg. Also make sure u haf a sheit load of HP accessories, BD access and FT access are inssential at lvl 75 Cool

Some Facts you need to know to understand me.

1. Assasins do not miss doing regular hits from stealth if u haf a certain amt of dex.

2. Intelligence affect the buffs like PoW, Tracker def, surgeon sdef.

3. I took the figures from my guildmates so u haf to be near their lvl to haf same amount of boost from buffs.

4. I think hunters suck.

5. Notice i mentioned debuffs alot of times. They are important in trainig as u they help u pull mobs. With a pet and no debuff, the max u can pull to u is 8. With a debuff and no pet, u can pull 8 and 10 with a pet.

6. Prayer Of Warriors(PoW) is the best thing u can haf in this game.

7. Nobody knows the best PvP build tbh. If a lvl 100 dex/intel dukes it out with a lvl 100 str/intel and both haf the same items. We do not know what will happen.

8. The advised Stat allocation ratio is just a guideline, there is no perfect build. U haf to adjust ur build to ur liking/needs youself.

9. At a certain lvl and amount of intelligence, say u haf 600+ Intel on Pure Int build, Str will actually add More CA than Intel does, hence u shld nv be "Pure" Intel. Likewise, If u haf 450+ Str, Each intel will give u 9-12 Combat attack.

10. I forgot to mention that warriors haf around 400 HP boost from their passive bears vigors which helps alot. Accompanied with PoW, Warriors are deadly with their class skilsl, and thats y i always advise others to become a warrior.

I cant think of anymore right now, but they are definitely more things i can add on. Or if u must, u can add on here and ill edit my post(s). Ill perhaps get my guildmates to read this post so that they can add on to it as well. And i MIGHT also add ideas to bring down each builds/classes in PvP if its needed.

PS: I might venture into awesome training spots and timezones where PvP zones are less crowded, maybe even essential items u need to haf in Hero on my next guide Cool

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