Made by Ominouslight

This guide will show you what you should wear if your going to pvp at certain lvls:

Always use your ht sets (samurai set) while your pking if you have it

25-35: just prepare your lvl 25 skill book and your lvl 36 +SAR wep use samurai set or admiral lee if your rich and have a main. PK in venom swamp when you lvl 30 try and pk at spirit shire but watch for other pkers

36-39: you should have a good +SAR weapon for lvl 36 save up Skill points for lvl 40 skills PK at spirit shire at the beach or the horror knights.

40-49: prepare your money because once your lvl 55 youll spend a lot you should have all skills for your lvl 40 skillbook try and increase your warrior/assasin skillbook or your lvl 25 skillbook. Either try ss beach or hill or near the tav

50-55: Prepare your second promotion and increasing that book if your a sin, if you dont have a main start maxing your second promotion so you can mine better. PK near the tav in spirit shire. Buy a +5 vio for around 170-200m of your weapon and your 5d set for high SD.

56-60: Nothing here but try getting better 5d and maybe some acc sets. Get your master skillbook and get all the skills in it. PK either at ss tav or sp where ppl train.

61-69: Prepare to spend more money on stuff you will need later on. Start pvping at ss tav, sp where ppl train or bm

70-74: Buy your sky cleaver set recommended +3 SD pk at near sp gate or maybe ss tav if you can find ppl there your lvl or lower. Either sell your 5D armor or save it for your future ALTS.

75-80: Get your divine skillbook and get all skills in it. Once you finish that start maxing your skillbooks for maximum damage. When your lvl 80 sell your vio blade and get a +5 tox blade for higher damage.

80+: if you do not want to lvl anymore, do not buy BD armor as they will kill your whole income, start pvping at sp tav and other places like Stone Valley or maybe even Silent valley if your high enough to kill there. If you dont like the stats that you use, you can pay around 300m to restat to the best stats you can get

100+ you dominate everyone in any place, you can sell exp if they are trustworthy. If you are at this lvl and want to pk, get to lvl 110 and buythe lvl 110 weapons and admiral lees (obviously you should be very very very rich:)

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