Hello Hero Online Players,
The pet armor you have all been waiting for has finally hit the Hero Tavern. Below is a quick guide on how pet armor is obtained etc.

Once a player purchases one of the Pet Armor Packages and opens it they will receive 3 Decoration pieces (DECO). These items can be equiped on their corresponding pets but they do not have any stats and can not be strengthened at the Blacksmith. Heres an example of one of the pieces.

You will also notice the 3 items that can also be purchased for your pet  in the Hero tavern shop called Steel Fang, Steel Armor, and Steel Claw. These items do have stats but do not show on the pet it self. These items can not be strengthened at the Blacksmith with Ghost Daggers.

In order to to obtain true pet armor for your pet players will need fuse three pieces. Lets take the Mount Reindeer Body (DECO) for example. In order to turn this into actual Pet armor you will need the following:
Steel Armor + Pet Armor Mold (Body) + Mount  Reindeer Body (DECO)
** A Fusion Book is needed to combine the three items. The Fusion Books for all pieces can be purchased in the Hero Tavern. Pet Armor Mold and Ghost Daggers can be gained from monsters in Tranquil Vale, Mudo Island, Dime Dessert, and Sevile Spirit. Pet Armor Mold can also be gained through mining in Golden Basin, Hero battle Gem Box (Win), and Flag Kingdom Gem Box (Win)
Fusing Pet Armor
After right clicking on a Fusion Book the following screen will open.
Add the 3 required pieces and click on the mix button. Upon Success your new armor will be crafted. ** If you fail only the Fusion Book will be lost.

Enjoy your new Pet Armor!!! 

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