Greetings and Salutations from MGame USA.

We will be implemented 4 PvP Channels into the US Hero Online. We’ve been receiving many suggestions from players since we’ve opened Hero Online in the US, and now this is the time where some of your suggestions come to life. For players who love PvP, now you can go into a PvP Channel and experience hardcore PvP with your community. Were you tired of grinding with monsters on the field? Now your enemies are players like you! Watch out in PvP Channels, someone might stalking you for the kill!.

- Details about PvP Channels
1. Among 10 channels, 4 channels will be set as PK Channels. [PvP Channels: Dragon 7-10]


- Please check this table to find details about the PvP Channels,

- Basic PK Rule

1. The general rules of PK are the person who hits the last hit will become the winner and dead person will be the loser. There is no formula for Damage dealing for PvP.

2. If players levels’ differences surpass 20, we do not recommend these players to PvP. If a level 20 or higher level player PKs a lower level,  the higher level player will lose their maximum one time honor loss and they will not gain any experience from Pk. However, low level players who died by a higher level will lose the same experience as if they by died by a monster. So basically, players targeting those with a +20 level difference will not gain anything and they will lose their maximum amount of honor that can be lost in a one time battle and the low level will lose experience and honor. So high level players PKing low level players will affect both sides negatively.

On the other hand, when a player who has less than a 20 level difference to the target PKs high levels, low level players will gain experience but they will not gain any honor points..

To find out a target’s level differences when a player targets an enemy, they will see the opponent’s name as red or greenGreen colored names mean the target has level over 20 higher than you, Red means the target has a level over 20 lower than you.


3. If a player is PKed by other players when their honor points are 0, then they will lose more experience than before so we recommend to restore your honor points from the “Honor Point Manager NPCs” that are located in each maps’ safe zone if players have honor points lower then 1000. Players will be able to buy 1000 of honor when they have honor lower than 1000 and a fee for restoring honor points will vary depending on the players level.

EX) 258,208 gold at level 90
    142,474 gold at level 80
    22,202 gold at level 50
    5,540 gold at level 30

4. If players are using Premium Items such as: Sculpture of Sacred Tiger, Sculpture of Sacred Phoenix, they will lose less experience than usual. But opponent who killed those premium users will get full (Usual) experience. Premium Item will only affect players that who are holding the item.

5. Depending on the maps, players can teleport to a random point by talking to the NPC “Honor Point Manager” But be aware of this! Random points are already set and each random point some PK maniacs might have been camping there 24/7!

6. From now on, players will not be able to use Return charms, Teleportation Charms In all zone in PK Channel, and PK Zone in normal Channel. But there is NPC called “Scout” who teleports you to each town if you talk to them. Also one more thing, players cannot resurrect on the death spot in PK Maps.

7. We removed the daily honor obtain limitation so that players can gain honor points as much as they want from now on. Also, we’ve already mentioned all old honor points and PK Count will be reset.

- This table tells you about Honor Title for each range of honor amount


- Mgame USA GM team

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