This problem occurs when you downloaded the latest patches, but the version of the game stays they game. This creats an endless loophool were the patch keeps downloading, and the version doesn't change to the same as the patch you have just downloaded.

There are two ways to do this.

Once you have installed the most recent manual patch.
1. Go to the Windows start menu and go to run. Type regedit.
2.Once the menu appears go to HKEY_Local_ Machine tab and under software look for the Hero Online folder. Once you click on the folder you should see version at the bottom of the list.
3. Right click on version and select modify. Another menu will open and select Decimal, make sure that this number is the current version that you just installed.
4. Close the regedit menu and launch Hero Online again. The client should auto update without an issue. If you continue to have this issue please send a 1:1 inquiry so we can further assist you.


Another easier way would be to do this:

1 - Go to My Computer

2 - Go to your hard disk drive ( Usually C: )

3 - Look for the folder called Mgame ( C:\Mgame )

4 - Once you open the Mgame folder, you should see the Common folder ( C:\Mgame\Common )

5 - Click on the File called Hero . Look for the Version= . Change the number in front of it to the current version.

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