How to tame guide made by Zomg05

Recently I have been getting alot of requests on making a guide on how to tame animals... I thought I had a guide up but i guess Not >.<... So I made this short and simple guide on How to tame for the new players.

Requirements -
Job must be hunter
Must have a weapon
Must have skill "howl of tame"
Must have a tamable animal!

Alright so you just started playing the game and you choose to become a hunter.  Now the thing is you want to tame an animal.
First thing you do is - get the animals hp down to 10%.
Second - use a weapon and use the tame skill
third-a - The animals hp should go back up to 100% ( this means your skill is working, you just failed to tame the animal )
third-b - The animal dies! This means you have succeeded! The animal should be in your inventory.

Things to keep in mind - The higher your tame skill is the higher chance/luck you will have of successfully taming an animal.
                                 - The animal's hp must be at 10%. ( if his hp is 100, it must be at 10. )
                                 - If you are below lvl 36 you might need to use a paralysis sword to paralyze the animal if it heals it self. ( Class pets )

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