Notice : I am not sure of the authenticity of this guide, and the fact that Hero Online is recommended only for computers 1.8Ghz and up. Please be aware you are trying this at your own risk! ZOMG05 will not be liable for any damages caused by this guide.
 The default settings of the game that you can change trough the Options of the Launcher app are not as flexible and as advanced as some of us would want. For instance there is not much you can do to set the game work well if you have a slow PC...

By opening the configuration file of the game and editing it manually you can configure the game to work with less graphic details. Thus making it run with decent framerate even on your old laptop with integrated graphics using shared memory, but for this you should be well aware of what are you doing... If you've installed Hero Online in the default directory, then you should look for the file TDH_Launcher.ini in the folder C:Program FilesHero_Online.

Settings for low-end machines
Step 1. Open the config file (TDH_Launcher.ini) with Notepad or other text editor.
Step 2. Find the SCREEN_WIDTH and SCREEN_HEIGHT parameters in the config file. They should be set to 1024 for the first and 768 for the second by default.
Step 3. Set the desired resolution to the two values, we are going to need to lower it to 800x600, so you should set SCREEN_WIDTH=800 and SCREEN_HEIGHT=600.
Step 4. Note that the minimum resolution you can actually play the game is 800x600, so don't go below that!
Step 5. You can set the WINDOW value to 0 if you want to run the game in full screen (if your screen only supports 800x600) or to 1 (WINDOW=1) to run the game in a window. Running the game in a window allows you to work with other programs while the game is still running, but being distracted from the game may cause the death of your hero... ;)
Step 6. Now comes the hard part... you should set the following parameters to these values in order to make the graphics less intensive:


Note that although this might make the game playable, it will also make it a bit ugly and harder to play, because of the shorter in-game sight! Also note that clicking on the Option button in the game Launcher will reset the changes you've made, so be careful.

Step 7. You can alternatively just download this config file and overwrite the one in the game, so that you won't need to change all the values by hand: TDH_Launcher.ini
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