Made by ZOMG05

Ok since there are alot of you guys whining about how the english version of hero online sucks ... and since the old guide was deleted in the old hero forums, I have decided to remake the guide.

So here we go -

 Step One:

Click Here and then Enter In a valid email adress, and then hit the green button.

 Step two:

Next go into your email, and check the inbox. You should have gotten a link from mgame japan.

Ok so you did everything correctly. Now you should end up here. -

( From about picture ) - For Real Name enter in " セキュリテ ", or if this doesn't seem to work, just copy and paste some of the japanese letters in the page above.
Also when you scroll to the bottom, look for the " i agree" button. Press that button and then continue.

Next up you should end up here. 

For the Japanese alphabet you can go -

Also make sure you hit the button to the right. The Blue Button is to go back. Don't hit that button!

After that bam you should be done. 

Check your email for your password, and users name. Save that in a secure location. ( If you will need it again. )

Next up - download.

Go here And click the big red download button.

Bam you should be done.

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