Guide made by ZOMG05
How to make a Pearl

Purple = shinny jade guide, green = pearls.

Materials needed to make a pearl ( from scratch ) you need the following -

9 crystals
3 scrolls of crystal ball ( Hopefully only 3 )
 3 Crystal balls
One scroll of fine pearl

Keep in mind Different crystal balls make different types of pearls

To make a Black pearl you need -
3 garnet, or Opal crystal balls

To make a White pearl you need -
3 Citrine, or Emerald Jade crystal balls

To Make a shinny jade you need-
 3 red jade,  3 clear crystals, and 3 daynaru

Step 1 - Crystals
To start off You get the 9 crystals ( 9 Garnet or 9 Opal or 9 Emerald Jade or 9 Cirtine Crystals or Jadeite crystals)

 - For Shinny jade you need - 9 gems. 3 red jades, 3 clear crystals, and 3 daynarus ( all without stats )

Step 2 - Crystals to Crystal balls
Then you need 3 scrolls of crystal ball. You go to the Blacksmith, pick the compose option, and put 3 of the 9 crystals in the slots, then get the scroll of crystal ball and put it in.
Repeat this step untill you have 3 crystal balls. Note: crystal balls have a low success rate, so its best to buy them from other players for around 20mil each.

 - Get the 9 gems, and combine them together. After you have combined them you should have 1 red jade, 1 clear crystal, and 1 daynaru (all with stats) success rate is 99.9% I believe.

Step 3 - Mother of pearl
Next you need a scroll of fine pearl. This can be obtained from other players for around 500 - 1mil each. You get the Scroll, with the 3 crystal balls, go to the local blacksmith, click on compose option, and then Put the items in the respective slots. Hit Compose and wish for the best.

 - Next you get the 3 combined gems and combine them together to make a shinny jade. Beware the success rate is super low. I believe it is 1/20 chance. GodSpeed.


Note - Crystal balls, and Pearls, and shinny jades have a very low success rate, you will fail a lot.


Current Prices -

Crystal ball scrolls: 5 - 8mil each
Crystals balls: 20mil each
Scroll of fine pearl - 500k - 1mil
Black/white Pearl - 250mil
shinny jade - 300mil

Stats of The 3 Pearls
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