Lvl 1 - 50 guide made by Phmiles. 51 - 60 origins unknown.

Welcome, This guide is for low levels and moderate alike. I suggest we start with the basics for low-level players. I will tell you how to level and the new things you can achieve at that level.

Level 1: Walk Outside The North or east side of dragon castle (recommend North) and attack the wolves. The North is recommended as the wolves there are only level 1. You should attack by pressing V or clicking the monster then pressing A. When an item drops Press S to collect it. You may get an item that makes a sound when you obtain it. This item is precious or ''rare'' and will have stats from +1 to +3. Keep this if you can or will be able to use it. This topic is about levelling not builds but a good beginner choice would be INT/STR (no flaming please) and you can vary all you like. CHI is needed for skills and shouting. So it is important you improve INT. 100 CHI is needed for the shout or ''lions roar''. STR is physical damage and skill damage and HP. DEX is dodge, amount of hits, and defence. (NOTE/EDIT: To teleport back to town you can use the yellow teleport scrolls that can be obtained for free from the 100 or 1 gold cases and bought from tavern.)

Level 2: At this level you can equip the weapon of your choice. This will depend on the build you have chosen. Start attacking boars over the bridge on the east side of dragon castle. You will start to grasp basic concept of the game and you should think about creating a party with other players. Press CNTRL and left-click an opposite player for the menu of actions possible. When in a party hover over there icon for there face to see their level. Levels will increase EXP gained after an amount of time. You may now receive an item called a ''LOT'' and a flashing icon will appear at the top right of your screen. Click this and press the start button. Press stop to stop it. Every 50 kills you get one of these and it will give you a random item. EXP Is not shown but is given as a bonus if obtained by lot. Although not proven or even talked of I usually do a certain time and I will continuously receive the same item but not proven.

Level 3: Ok you now need to think about armour. But drops from monsters are best at your level. You should continue on boars and go a little more east for level 3-5 boars. Parties will get ALOT more exp if you do this for long enough. This is the easy part... faster than high levels and knowledge gained.

Level 4: Same principle new monsters: You should stay with level 5 boars and start to head north (PRESS M FOR MAP) for thieves which are level 5. The job at level 10 may start to interest you but don¿t worry about it for now.

Level 5: Unfortunately unlike level 3, level 5 is the dead end for Dragon Castle. You will be killing the highest-level mobs that don¿t kill you and will continue to do so. You will start to become bored so grab a coffee. This can take up to 20 minutes for the next levels overall.

Level 6: Again any armour gained should be kept for personal use and you should continue what you have been doing for the past time. The mobs you kill are en masse and not hard to find so stick in there.

Level 7: You should now head towards highlands, which is the 2nd area. It contains mobs from 9-20. You should aim to be killing apes (level 9-12) and get a party going. Apes are popular for the fact that most quests require ape liquor, which these drop.

Level 8: Again the same and although there are no skills just try to admire the scenery. Not a lot more to do other than that.

Level 9: Well now your anticipation for the next level is high. Your looking forward to your job so there is no time to push harder on those apes.

Level 10: HORRAY, you can get a job: Warrior, Assassin, Physician, and Hunter. Most choose hunter for the pet capabilities but I will leave the choice to you. Also visit the skill book owner in the Dragon Castle. You can get a skill book from him as well. Now head back to highlands by either teleporting by the tavern to central market place then talking to a guard and going to Highlands or by walking. You should party and go for bears. You should be buying pots from the tavern by now for longer grinding. The skills will not seem over strong at first but after a while they will be invaluable.

Level 11: Upgrading will not be far off your mind and to do it you need mineral stones. You can use up to 3 for strengthening and colours for them go +1: grey +2: silver +3: Gold +4: Bronze +5: Red +6: green +7: blue +8: Purple. Now start hitting those bears or even level 14-15 rouges or level 15 assassins.

Level 12: *sigh* do I have nothing better to do then write this? Taken 40 mins of my life. Well anyhow you should be attacking level 15-19 mobs in the highland now and be in a party. The level 20 mob ''Ancient Warrior'' is a quest mob and people are annoyed if you KS it so ... don¿t. It is also relatively strong and takes a fair few hits.

Level 13: Unlucky for some... boring for others. Keep going in the highlands... nothing better to do. You may have a pet wolf by now and that¿s your choice. Level

14: ''CMON'' is what I was thinking... you should just stick in there. If you are brave you can start to really smack those level 19 renegades.

Level 15: Time for a change? Well maybe depends on your build. Move to Venom Swamp and attack spearmen/archers. Party with others but don¿t leech. You should get good exp but DONT FORGET POTS.

Level 16: HMMMMM these should start going fast right? Well just wait... ok well carry on with what your doing and never hit a reindeer.

Level 17: Ok you may go down to the woods... and meet some frogs. There will be Flying Lions, Great black wolves and white tigers (which are orange in untamed state LOL) don¿t attack them, as they are passive until provoked. Toads will be your best choice.

Level 18: Keep going on toads and snakes, as there is not a lot better to do at this point. Do not risk going for spiders as you may die. If you are a rod user you should have AoE by now from your first skill book. This will come to good use so don¿t forget it.

9: Try getting a party and going for spiders¿ this will work well if your party is supportive. You¿re not far off a mount so keep going!

Level 20: You have reached the ¿big¿ 2-0 and you are rewarded. You can purchase a horse from stable keeper ma at the north entrance of dragon castle. Get a new cuppa and head out to the highlands again.

Level 21: Continue what you have been doing, spiders are still a good choice. Try getting level 20+ and going to venom swamp via the tavern. DO NOT go to the beach or to the southeast, as you will die. Attack Black panthers and viragos.

Level 22: Same as before except this one takes longer. You may start thinking about plvling on beach then leaching. But I don¿t recommend it, as you will get flamed.

Level 23: YEA! You can now get a class mount, let me sum it up: Hunter: Reindeer, Assassin: Great Black Wolf, Physician: White Tiger, Warrior: Flying lion. Wait until level 25 to start joining taming parties and make sure you have about 3 hours on your hands when you¿re in one as this takes a long time. (NOTE: Hunters CAN tame all class mounts but only use reindeer!)

Level 24: Well continue hitting those panthers and start heading to the beach with your party¿ this could be done within a day as I did once. The beach is dangerous and as rod users are about to get 2nd AoE you will need to spam pots. (NOTE: The mad sword users on beach have skill attacks on players so watch for them.)

Level 25: 2nd skill book is now available so get it! Rod users will have 2 AoE but all class will now have one. Try to party other level 25+ and head to the beach and spam AoE and pots! The few next levels will fly by. You should also look for taming parties and have a good attitude to others. Don¿t leave once you have your mount¿ help them get there¿s as well.

Level 26: Start to spam your AoE and pots like mad. Also think about making your white dragon armour +3 and your level 29 weapons ready.

Level 27: Well now you need a new cuppa as this still takes a while, (NOTE: try to avoid the boss mobs on the beach, although relatively weak if they hit you, you will know with bad armour)

Level 28: Well you should have full armour for your level and boy it will feel good. You should think about levelling your pet.

Level 29: Yes your 1 level away and your tired, bored, drained, and the seat has moulded to your bum. So even more reason to push on.

Level 30: Here is the big 3-0. You can get the level 30-wind drift skill and if you increase it to level 5 you have the ability to jump on buildings and have fun. You can also get the Bear Mount¿ NOW to level mounts of any kind it¿s the amount of hits in the 3 minutes that gets you EXP and I find that you usually get about .20 percent in the time given.

 Most who have done it know that it is mostly endless grinding in the same place but i will try to guide you as best I can. I have had 2 characters do these levels as tests and found on average it took me about 2 days, overall about 20 hours. The other thing to bear in mind is that this guild is orientated around skill/pot spamming but i tried with str/dex n found a way to level with that.

The 2nd half of leveling is rewards, and although they are not large in numbers, quests will appear. I recommend you use:

Level 31:

Well at 31 you should have full white dragon armour and a class and build. You may also be the owner of cryptic armour which i reccomend severly for leveling. Now at this level you should be at the beach, regardless of what build. Your level 25 skill book should be at the minimum level for all skills and you should not be worrying about upgrading to much at the moment. Don't try to kill amphibian warriors and keep any good level 32+ equipment for later. You should be killing any monster from viragos to goblin archers and should, depending on all variables, reach level 32 after 30mins-2 hours.

Level 32:

There is no real difference between this and that level except you can now wear a new mask, you should also start compiling the level 34+ ruddy wolf armour, and making it +3 with the stats needed depending on your build. This level should be completed in roughly the same time as the last.

Level 33:

Well you should really be looking for a newly, or experienced guild welcoming low level players, to join. I could find no guide to guilds so i will give it to you briefly. There are 2 factions, zhuang, or shaopa. Guilds are based on their faction, so a guild started by somebody in zhuang, will be a zhuang guild, and only zhuang members can join this guild. It works the same for shaopa so don't get frustrated. This level is no harder than the others to be honest and with the right build you can kill amphibian warriors.

Level 34:

You can now wear ruddy wolf boots, and these should be of a fairly good condition as far as stats go. This level is no real difference from the other 33 except it takes longer. I wouldn't get frustrated about anything now as it gets harder. Refer to the PvP guide, i think, for bounty systems as you may want to stop bots ruining your leveling at the beach.

Level 35:

The mid-way point. This level should be done within 1 - 3 hours and you should now have the grasp of the game. At this level you can soon be thinking about going to the hell knights or HK for short. (Note: at this point i got bored and started playing CS:S) This level is not difficult its more psychological.

Level 36:

Well you can now wear your ruddy wolf armour and it looks good. This level is no different from the past 5 i have discused and you should be a mindless zombie by now. Although this level brings nothing intresting the armour sure looks better than white dragon.

Level 37:

Nothing new at all here, and you should be either at HK or beach. This level should with a bit of luck, fly by like the others. If you get bored I suggest going to mudo and laughing as you die and only lose 0.1% exp.

Level 38:

Yes you get a new helmet and with it comes great responsibility! Look after your helmet, because without it, you would be helmetless! This level otherwise is no different to the others.

Level 39:

You get a new mask... and thats it. Well you should now have your 34-39 set complete with all +3 or better. If so then go to HK as you have found a new home. Pot spamming and skill spamming help here.

Level 40:

A new opportunity. The 'hawk' pet becomes avaliable, and as you can see, its probably not worth it. The hawk is a versatile pet but i didn't bother. At this level faction wars becomes avaliable but at such a low level, i don't reccomend it.

Level 41:

Well there is nothing new at this level to be honest, and the new armour set is not until level 44 so keep leveling. Going to SP if not unheard of and you can level there quite easily, but at this level the beach or HK give overall more exp than SP and usually more drops.

Level 42:

There is yet again no change, and with that I would like to say, people at SP, avoid the bloody ninja, Great Tiger and for the weaker people, blind swordsman. All are your sworn enemies at this low level.

Level 43:

Getting there, but still not even a 2nd skill. Your level 40 skill book should be maxed for full skills and you should really be at HK or SP. I personally left HK at 47, and i find that was the optimum level as at 47, HK gave less exp then SP mobs and where harder to kill.

Level 44:

New boots and like your old ones, should be atleast +3. Although i have nothing new to write, i would like to say, bring lots of pots. I have been caught without a pot or 2 and stuck infront of the bloody ninja, only to see me die.

Level 45:

Well we are again at a mid-way point and anybody thats done all this in a day, is hard-going. This level starts to get to the state of boringness, and thats for the patient people.

Level 46:

You can now wear new armour, also this should be, +3!. This new defence should not be traded in for your cryptic armour, as the EXP bonus is more than worth it. The cryptic armour should be worn for all these levels, and you should now be at SP with a good int/dex or str/int build.

Level 47:

This is when i migrated to SP with a str/int build. All builds should be able to live at SP at this level. Next level is a new helm so keep pushing. Again i repeat, stay clear of the bloody ninja, evil thing he is. You also get a new mask at this level, +3.

Level 48:

New helmet, yay. This level is so close to 50, you can smell it! or maybe you should stop and finish it tomorrow. This level and the next really are the hardest yet.

Level 49:

Considered by most, the daunting, hardest, annoying level ever. Although anbody thats done 59-60 knows it's a lie. This level is the all important level, it sorts the men/woman from the kiddies who have school. You should be from cheetahs/leopards (or whatever they are) to venom clan amazons at the top of the hill. Do not atempt youngbloods yet.

Level 50:

Half way to the max. This level i found, was on of the most rewarding. You can now get your 2nd skill and i suggest you refer to the skill guide i made reference to at the start of this. Decide what you would like and under-go the quest to become a hard-core heroer. You also get a new pet, the great tiger. This is one of the best combat pets, but a 3rd evo would be alot nicer. This level also means a new weapon and your now set for non-rare equipment. Everything past this should be rare equipment and is usually expensive. You can now mine, at highlands mine. Faction wars should now be atempted, even if u get owned. There is no real other differences for level 50, and the path ahead will be a daunting one.

Lvl 50 - 60 guide

Level 50- I think if you are confident enough move to tigers and amazons (ones with big bells) which is near the portal to bamboo mountains. Tigers are much harder to kill so just careful ur HP here. If you are not strong enough, then don't fight em just yet

Level 51- Tiger and amazons or hawks and amazons.

Level 52- At this level you can definately take the tigers and amazons on. AOE heaps here near the bamboo mountain portal and u'll level fast. Wear crptic set if u are STR INT build or else wear bloody eagle.

Level 53- Tigers and Amazons

Level 54- Same thing... might get a bit boring now.

Level 55- OMG you can use toxic or violet weapons! Go get one real quick. They are considerably cheap. Get a +3 one if you can. I prefer violet for the moment and toxic when you are lvl 70+. Now come back and see the difference. Tigers will get ownt big time with violet weapons.

Level 56- Keep at the tigers. Bamboo mountain may be too hard for you right now.

Level 57- Try bamboo mountain just at the entrance where there should be a few blocks of monsters. Don't proceed further or you may get ownt. Stay at the entrance.

Level 58- Keep at bamboo mountain entrance or back to tigers if too inefficient.

Level 59- I think you can take on the bamboo mountain entrance monsters quite easy now so train there.

Level 60- Woo! You are level 60!! You can level in mid bamboo mountain if you like. Avoid the stout warriors. They are the big fat ones because they are heaps strong.

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