Everyone wants to level fast. To level fast, a player must gather and kill mobs. The faster the player can gather mobs and kill them the more EXP gain over time. One scheme that I try is to get into a party of six in my house. Having six in the party usually activates the PARTLY BONUS. The lead player sets PARTY SETUP as INDIVIDUAL/MASTER LOOTER. This way the lead player will gain all EXP and LOOTS.

1. Lead Player must be high damage dealer with AREA ATTACK or be able to kill a huge mob with one SKILL ATTACK.
2. The party members must have high DEF/SDEF to survive a huge mob.
3. BONUS. all members have pets that can survive attacks from huge mob.


This is a cooperative setup. The other players must agree that the LEAD PLAYER will get all KILLS, EXP, and LOOT. The only thing that the other five players do is set it to FOLLOW the lead player. This creates the ultimate MOB gathering configuration.

In other words:
1 is lead player followed by...2nd party member followed by...3rd party member followed by...4th party member followed by...5th party member followed by...6th party member

This creates a train like effect. The lead player runs around in a big circle or figure 8 to gather 20+ mobs and kill them all.

To take it up a notch, if all players have pets, have them all out and set to AVOID. Each pet could gather an additional 3 to the mob.

Like I said, this is a cooperative scheme. If done right, the party could gather mobs at SP 20-40 per run. Your looking at ?,##? EXP mulitply by 40 is ?##,##? EXP per run.

Right now, I use a different scheme becus it is hard to get everyone to play together at the same time. I use M/D with two other players. We average, 5% or more EXP per 20minutes (AFK).

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