Made by ZOMG05, and kst8no1, and MCRLOCKNLOAD  ( from tt fourms )

 Ok. So everyone wants ncash, but not everyone wants to pay the $$ for it. This guide will show you how to get the CASH to get the Ncash. It might sound hard, but to tell you the truth its ALOT easier then it looks! It will require some of your time though. ( Some surveys are about 5 - 20 minutes each. )

Requirements -
TT account
Your time
Valid address
Valid name
Spam email account

Step one - make a tt account by clicking here ( make sure you enter in your address, and your real name. ) 

Step two - Go to "Cash surveys", click on "daily survey #1". Complete the survey all the way. When you are done you should be redirected back to TT's main website and it should read " Thank you for completing the survey", or something like that.  If it says " you do not qualify for this survey, just go back cash surveys page, and click on daily survey #1 again. Everyday you can get .75 cents for a daily survey you complete successfully! 

Step three - Click on cash offers page. Complete these offers for quick cash: SmartWay credit;tnp - free gass; cool savings; toys r us gift card; final payoff lexus. Note: These are the first offers I did, you don't have to do those ones if you don't want to. They will ask for an email account... give them your spam email account. For some offers you might have to confirm your email account, so check your spam email account regualaryly. remember to click on "done" each time you complete an offer. For the ones that keep showing your offers, and seem endless, just keep clicking on "no" ( you'll see what I mean. ) ( Do not do any offers the request a credit card, drivers licence, and or ssn! )

Step four - After you get a minimum of $20 ( which should take no less then 1 month, if only do the daily survey, each day. ), they will send you the check on the 15th of the next month. ( If you collect $20 cash on the 16th of march, you will get the check in the main by the 15th of Apirl. )

Tips - For some surveys you also get a gold coin, pearl, and or silver coin. These coins are valuble!

Silver coin - Also like having $1! Colect atleast 20 of these and go to the trading hunt to trade them for a $20 gift card, for 50 get a $50 gift card, for 150 get a ipod nano, and even for 200 of them get a xbox arcade bundle!

Gold coins are awsome! -  These can be used to play slots ( gamble ), buy a treasure ticket and othe things\

Pearls - Also after you complete an offer you have a chance to win a pearl from the pearl game. Hidden in 1 of 3 clams is a pearl that can be used to buy the friendship bracelet at Mabutus Hut, can you find it? ( they can be used to get 2 free referals! )


Treasure Hunt Fragment - 10 gold coins
Item description: "Get all 4 pieces of the map in order to go on the $100 treasure hunt!"

Once you get all 4 of the pieces of the treasure map, you will be allowed to go on a special treasure hunt. If you find the statue, Mabutu will pay you $100! When you buy pieces of the map, they will appear on your "My Treasure" page on the Treasure Trooper site. When you have all four, a link to the big Treasure Hunt will be activated, and you can start your journey toward the $100 prize!

Ruby - 15 gold coins
Item description: "Just a ruby.... Or is it?"

No one yet knows the secrets behind all the hidden gems in Treasure Trooper. But it has been hinted that it is worth the value of the 15 gold coins it takes to buy it. So buy it and add it to your gem collection.

Pearl Friendship Bracelet - 8 pearls
Item description: "The next 2 unreferred members to sign up will automatically become your referrals!"

Exactly what it says. When you spend 8 pearls on this, you will get the next two members that sign up for Treasure Trooper that haven't been referred by someone else. A very valuable item for picking up some extra money.

Platinum Coins
Platinum coins are earned in the Cash Offers section. Instead of a cash payment, you can earn Platinum Coins. Save the coins and purchase items in Mabutu's Hut such as a $20 Gift Certificate, $50 Visa Gift Card, iPod Nano or XBox360.

Mabutu's Secret - 15 gold coins
Item description: "Mabutu has an important secret to tell..."

I'd tell you more but then it wouldn't be a secret, would it? ph34r.gif

Mousepad - 25 gold coins
Item description: "A beautiful mousepad with rich colors."

From talks on the forum, the mousepad is a great one. You can either pay 20 gold coins for it at Mabutu's trading hut or buy it for $3 on Treasure Trooper's online store.

Bumper Stickers - 20 gold coins
Item description: "A Bumper Sticker that's perfect for showing your TreasureTrooper pride!"

As announced in the sticky in the contest forum, or also in the Treasure Hut, this item can give you a chance to get $500 if you are spotted using these bumperstickers!

Trooper's Journal Page - 10 gold coins
Item description: Collect pieces of the journal for hints and tips leading to greater treasures.

Purchase all 6 parts of the Troopers Journal and learn some VERY valuable information. It might just come in handy....


There are 6 gems so far found in the game: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond and Topaz. Not much is known about what the gems actually do, but here is what we can reveal:

The Sapphire is the gem you get for completing enough cash value in offers. Start on those offers, guys.
The Diamond is one of the most sought after gem in all of Treasure Trooper. It appears when you successfully complete a specific offer; this varies from person to person, so it's up to you to find your own lucky one!
The Emerald is the referral gem, so get on those referrals.
The Amethyst is earned as you use the Cash Shopping section and make a certain amount.
The Ruby is found in Mabutu's trading hut. It costs 15 gold coins and is said to be worth it.
The Topaz is the newest added gem, and it's related to the Cash Surveys section (DS #1's).

All of the gems are very mysterious but well worth the seeking. Please note that any additional information revealed to you must remain secret!



Everybody wants referrals. Why? It's free money! Everyone wants to collect on what other people earn. On TreasureTrooper, you get 20% of what your first level referrals earn, and 5% of what your second levels earn. You only earn the percentage of the offers that are verified, not their referral earnings or offers pending.

How do you get referrals? There are a number of ways. The most popular is posting on forums. This is not easy as it sounds. Most of the time, you are ridiculed and labeled a spammer for posting a referral link. I've found that if you make 10-15 posts, then make a casual TreasureTrooper post on the forum, you'll make a lot more. Don't hide your referral link, it makes you look suspicious. Say something like "here's my referral link, I get 20% of whatever you make (as a bonus). Feel free to remove the extension and sign up regularly, I'm just trying to help out." People probably won't remove the extention, because you are not being sneaky and since you have already made preliminary posts, you are not thought of as a spammer. DO NOT POST ON FORUMS OR TOPICS THAT HAVE RULES AGAINST COMMERCIAL POSTING.

Also, flyers are a good way to get referrals. It's a little extra work, but if you acquire a flyer from Treasure, make 30 copies, and put it in doors or on car windshields, you could end up getting a lot of referrals. If just one of those people gets really excited about TreasureTrooper and refers a lot of people, that gets you a heap of second levels. Heres a link to a flyer generator: Flyer Guide

Speaking of second levels, focus on getting them to. Now you might ask "how do I focus on getting second level referrals?" Well, here's a great tip. Find webmasters will relatively big or budding sites, and explain to them about TreasureTrooper and how it can make them money. Have them sign up under you and put their referral link on their site, and the second levels will start rolling in. It might only get you 5%, but there is power in numbers.

You can also see all your referrals under the "Contact my Referrals" link on your My Treasure Page. Once the new page opens you will see all you referrals plus colored circles next to each number.


How Payment Works

The offers that you completed for each month will be processed around the 15th of the next month and sent out shortly after. (Example "Month A"'s payment will be processed on the 15th of "Month B" and will be sent in the next few weeks). Offers can be approved in the same month as payment, but must be completed in the previous month.

Example 1: If you complete $20 in offers in February and they are approved before the 15th of March, you will receive $20 at the end of March.

Example 2: If you complete $25 in offers in February but only $20 worth are approved before the 15th of March, you will receive $20 at the end of March.

Example 3: If you have $10 in offers approved for February and $10 in offers approved for March, you will receive $20 at the end of April.

Example 4: If you complete $20 in offers in February and none are approved until after the last day in February, but all are approved before March 15th; you will still receive $20 at the end of March.


Reasons for nonpayment:

/\ You have not reached the minimum payout of $20 for this month.
\/ Fix: You will need to wait until next month to receive payment, and you need to read the "How it works" part above, again.

/\ You have not entered your check information fully/correctly.
\/ Fix: Go to My Account and fill in your full name and address.

/\ You did not receive a Paypal payment and have met the $20 minimum the previous month.
\/ Fix: Your Paypal account is most likely not verified. Either verify your account or change you settings to receive a check.

Here are some links tt -

Pictures of people enjoying their checks they get. ( Look at all that ncash money xD )

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