Notice : I am not sure of the authenticity of this guide. Please be aware you are trying this at your own risk! ZOMG05 will not be liable for any damages caused by this guide. 

1) Download "DropMyRights" directly from Microsoft's website
2) Install it by double clicking on the MSI file (or right click + Install)
3) Copy the DropMyRights.exe file to the Hero_Online directory (default is C:\Program Files\Hero_Online)
4) Uninstall it by right clicking on the installation MSI file and selecting Uninstall (Optional)
5) Right click on HeroOnline icon on your Desktop and select Properties
6) Replace the Launcher.exe" string (note the " char at the end) in the Target: field with DropMyRights.exe" Launcher.exe (note the " char position) and click Ok.
7) The new Target filed should look like that:
("C:\Program Files\Hero_Online\DropMyRights.exe" Launcher.exe)
8) Start the game and if you are lucky the game should be running fine ;)

P.S. This won't help to Vista users, because the X-TRAP protection still doesn't work with Windows Vista.

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