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Though common players can never eliminate bots from the game we can effectively harass them and even cause them to lose some money and/or exp. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to decipher bot code names, how to bounty bots the smart way, and methods for fighting bots. In addition I will continually populate a list of coded bot names so that maybe the GM's can ban them without having to spend the time to crack their code names.

The following is an example of how to crack bot code names

Example of a coded bot name: PKlllllllPK

Here we have 7 unknowns (could be i's or could be L's).

Open your chat and click on the botter. This is your original whisper (the correct name). Hit (...) after the name to send a whisper.

Now open up the chat bar and hit the up arrow. This will pull the original whisper back up (PKlllllllPK ...)

Replace the last unknown with an L.
(PKllllllLPK ...) hit enter. If the whisper doesn't work then we know the last unknown is an I. Write this down on a piece of paper. On the blank chat dialog box hit up to pull the original whisper back up (PKlllllllPk ...).

Replace the second to the last unknown with an L.
(PKlllllLlPK ...) hit enter. If the whisper works then we know that the second to last letter is an L.

Repeat this process until you have cracked the botter's code name!

Botter code name cracked: PKiLiLiLiPK

Harassing the bots:

For the most part, the purpose of a bot is to farm gold. This may be for a dishonest individual player or worse, it may be for an online gold selling company. The intent of this thread is to get honest players to harass the bots as a deterrent. We must all understand that it is up to the game developers to effectively eliminate bots. GM's can ban individual bots, but that does not in any way address the root of the bot problem. With that said, as honest players, together we can continually kill bots so that they have a hard time making money in our favorite grinding areas. From what I have observed, most bots are Musas with Str/Int builds. The best way to kill these bots is by debuffing their PoW and hitting them with physical attacks and quick, lower level skills. As you keep killing them, they will not be able to farm and they will be wasting pot money. They will continually return to the tavern to re-pot. Sometimes the bot will die from mobs, this is great because they will lose exp as well. Lastly, always look for nearby bot noobs that the botters are plvling. Simply lure mobs to them and enjoy the onslaught.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you all. Please join the effort to reclaim Hero Online for honest players. Happy bot hunting!


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