Guide made by ZOMG05

Well I noticed alot of new players, most of who never played a mmo, asking these questions. I decided to make this into a small guide that people can use as a manual... just in case if they ever get stuck somewere.  Keep in mind to search faster you can always press " CTRL + F". Alot more will be added later.

BD - Black dragon

SC - sky cleaver

5d - five dragon

ft - flying tiger

tl - thunder lord

Drac - Draconian

DWH - double wing helm

Rakma hunting - Killing a very high lvl monster, on each server

GS - Gold sand

PSL - Pure stone liquid

RDP - red dragon pearl

Wine - strengthening wine

Cryptics - cryptic armor

RD set - Red dragon's accessory set

ESA - eternal spirit armor

RDB - red dragon boots

SAR - Skill attack rate

AR - Attack rate

CA - Skill damage

Sd - skill defense

Def - Defense

Wts - want to sell

Wtb - want to buy

Wtt - want to trade

Cm - central market

D(#) - Dragon ( 1 - 10 )

PK - player kill

PVP - player vs player

PvE - player vs environment

PvM - Player vs monster

Vio - violent weapon class

Tox - Toxic weapon class

boom - to straighten gear at the blacksmith

str - strength

Dex - Dexterity

Int - Intelligence/ Intellect

GB - Gold basin

DC - dragon castle

HL - highlands

VS - venom swamp
SP - southern plains

Mudo - mudo island ( pvp/pk/ pve map )

Endless - endless war ( fun pvp map )

War - A type of massive pvp that is between 2 factions.

Faction - a group of people

Zhuang - a faction that is good in the hero online story line

Shao - a faction that is evil in the hero online story line.

accy - accuracy

acc - accessory

FTW - for the win

FTL - for the loss

waka waka waka  - sound that packman makes when he eats a dot

Lol - laugh out loud

LMAO - laughing my a&$ off

Grind - Killing monsters for very low exp gain for along time. ( to get exp  and lvl up )

Lvl - level

Exp - experence

xtal - crystals

gem - short term for minerals that are used to streghten things at the black smith

bs - blacksmith

tav - tavern

ht - hero tavern

Did you use a Charm? - charm of luck, which is an item that gives you a higher success rate for succeeding weapon/ armor strengthening.

Charm now! - This term means to use the item " charm of return ", it transports you back to the safe zone.

Ht pet - A pet that is from the hero tavern

Divine pet - a pet that is lvl 100

divine status - when you are lvl 101+

aura - a effect that is given to you when you are lvl 100. ( you also get it in m/d )

M/D - master/disciple is a form of a party that gives you certain effects with different amount of members.  ( need to be in a guild to do this . )

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