Get rich quick schemes made by ZOMG05

Please be aware these are Schemes. Since you are gambling there is a chance you might loose money. Some cases you might even loose everything you have. Please be cautious! ZOMG05 or Hero Junkies fansite will not be responible for your actions! You have been warned.

scheme one -

Required lvl: 10 - 25

Money required: 10 - 50k

High lvls throw away there gems! They really don't need them and the profit is too little so they just throw them away. On top they get an abundance of them. Heres how to milk the high lvls of their gems :

 - Go get one citrine ( or a very high selling gem ) and go to a high lvl map such as southern Plains, silent vally, and or crystal summit. You can do this by going to the tavern or bank clerk on dragon castle and teleporting to centarl market. Then go to the nearest guard and move to your disired map.  Make sure you bring atleast 50k with you! And jump servers.... find the server with the highest amount of people on the map. Next - Set up a buying shop for 1k - 3k each. ( You can do this by ctrl + click your self and click in purchase. )  Make sure you lvl the shop Poor person in need of gold or something. If nothing sells under 10 mins then just go afk for half an hour. If no one sells to you move to the next server.  Once you get enough loot from the high lvls go back to dragon castle and go by the blacksmith, tavern clerk, or by the bounty manager. Set up a shop... sell the citrine that you looted for 15 - 30k each. You also might be able to sell it for a very overpriced rate of 100k each... but people rarly buy it then. For buying them for only 1 - 5k each, and then reselling them you have made a profit of about 25k on each citrine you sell!


scheme two - 

Suggested lvl: 30 - 55. ( lvl 6x are welcome to try but I would say it is a waste of time. ) 

Required money: 3mil - 5mil

You know those blood eagle books that you throw away? This scheme will help you get rid of those books and fork out some profit! First you will need silk cloths, and plain rocks. Make sure you get an abundance of them! Buy one silk cloth, move to a high lvl map such as crystal summit. Set up a buying stand and buy silk cloths for 5k each ( or shout buying 100 for 500k - 1mil ) . After you get enough, check if your faction has gold baisen. If it does then move to gold baisen. This can be done by going to faction district portal in southen plains. After you are in faction district look for the portal to gold baisen. Once you are in GB, click on the guard and move to the middle of the map ( the mining zone ). Buy one plain rock off of someone and then set up a buy shop. Buy plain rocks for 200 - 500 GOLD each, or just say in normal text you are buying them 100 for 50k. After you have bought enough ( I would say about 500 - 1000 rocks are enough. ) move to ss and go kill some mad varigos and get the blood eagles book. I say get about 5 - 12 of them. Once you have enough go to  a blacksmith and click the compostion menu. Put the blood eagle's book in and make some blood eagles helms. Some rumors - higher craft rate with higher kill count. Blacksmith in crystal summit is the best. Blacksmith in cm is the best. Once you have enough ( If you make any be helms ) sell them for 1mil - 1.5mil EACH or make them +2 with citrine gems ( see scheme one on how to get citrine gems faster ) and sell them for 2mil each. I say sell them in dragon castle by the bounty manager or blacksmith or Tavern clerk for best results. 

Overall profit - depends on how many blood eagle's helms you make, and or spend on the materials required to make them. If you succeed 5 blood eagle's helms, and had bought the mats for about 2mil then I think there will be a profit of 5mil if you sell the be helms for 7.5mil. Keep in mind you will not succeed a be helm everytime.


scheme Three - 

Suggested lvl: 55 - 75

Required money: 21mil - 63mil If you don't have 20 - 60mil or don't want to spend it then cut the cost in half by doing a 50/50 with someone.  He gives you 10.5mil and you get 10.5mil and open it together. This way if you get something crappy you will loose less.

How to - OK. This scheme worked for me when I was about lvl 60! Are you tired of the over priced Master sword skill prices? Well you know what they say - If you can't beat them... Join them! I didn't get my master sword skill untill I was lvl 67. That is how dumb/poor I was. When I did get my master sword, I got it for only 21mil! I did this by buying an Antique book chest. An Antique book chest is a gamble box that contains all types of master skills ( lvl 60 skills ). If you get lucky you might get the master sword skill book, which is one of the most quested master skills. What you do is buy a Antique book chest for 1mil. Open it for 20mil. If you get a master sword skill book I would say you made a profit of atleast 35mil. ( depending on the prices... usuualy it sells for 60 milish. ) BUT if you get the master fist skill ... you just lost 21mil. The master fist isn't really bought... last time I got 2 master fist skills and I sold them both for 5mil each! ( i got lucky )... Recently I got another master fist ( 4 months ago) and it is still sitting in my bank.... Some Superstitions I made up - After you buy the antique book chest from a store, go to the bank and put it in there. Then go to a blade char or if you don't have a blade char, then just log back on to your other char. ( keep in mind I did this when I was a blade char. ) So if you have a blade char log onto it and get atleast 100 kills by killing monsters your own lvl. Go back to the bank and get the antique book chest out. Open it. I did this and I got 3 master sword skills in a row. ( I got about a total of 10 master sword skills back in the day, and about 10 - 20 usless ones, including 6 master fists. )


scheme Four - 

Suggested lvl: 65 - 80

Required money and items: charm of luck ( old one ), +3 vio blade or +3 bd blade ( sar ).

How to - This one is a little tricky! It use to work for me before but now because of the ncash prices I suggest you don't try it untill the old charms of luck go back to 6 - 10mil! xD... Anyway - What you do is get a vio blade +3 or +3 bd blade sar ( hkhkhk) and get a charm of luck. Get 3 garnet xtals and try to make it +4. If you succeed you make a profit of 30mil, if you get vio blae that is... and about a profit of 100 - 150mil if you get a bd blade. Sometimes it will fail so I suggest you start out with a +3 vio blade. It is usless trying it on a ft blade... and most people only by +5/+6/+7 toxic blades. What I did was get a clean vio blade drop in crimson sky, make it +3 with 9 garnet crystals and ended up making it +4 with the charm of luck I got for 25mil in 2007... My net profit was about 40mil. But the next time I tried to make a +3 vio blade I failed it to +2 with 3 garnet crystals... But if you succeed save up and try to get a +3 bd blade and do the same to it xD.


scheme Five - 

Required lvl: 80+ ( required dt grinding ... )

Required money and items: 1 - 2 bil depending on the price of gs/psl, or just buy a esa, TRUST and TIME and PATIENCE!

How to - Here is one of the granddaddies of all Schemes... You can make over 10bil using this scheme but you also have alot to risk. Due to the prices of gold sand ( only 350mil during the December 2008 event) and psl ( 80mil... ) I would say just sell your armor now and get a esa with that money. If the prices of gold sand are gone back up to 1.5bil, then I suggest you do this: Make a pact with someone you trust ingame. Mainly a real life friend. Both of you get money to get esa. Make a 50/50 deal on what ever drop you get. The way I did it was - My friend wanted to take some time off, and he sold some of his stuff. ( 1.2bil total. ) Then I got some of my stuff and sold that ( net worth about 700mil ). We managed to have enough for goldsand. He didn't have a high lvl char, nor the armor to grind dt so I was givin the ESA. He went to fix up his real life and I went and grinded about 1k every other day in dt. After about 1 month of grinding I got Thunder Lord boots Female. Sold them for 3.5bil+ ( can't remember )... and did the 50/50 deal. For selling my 700mil of junk I made about 1.7bil and he made abouy 1.7bil. For me that was a profit of about 1bil. I got my Relic at 300 kill count, and at 3.9mins remaining on the ESA. It wasn't a high profit but it was good enough... I still have 2.2mins left on my esa... maybe I will get a drac blade ( still doing th 50/50 ) .... hehehehe... Keep in mind this required TRUST and TIME and PATIENCE!


More schemes coming soon...

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