Faction Maximization System
Faction maximization system has been implemented for us to serve you better, and to provide more fun!

1.  What is faction maximization system?
 Faction maximazation is choosing one faction per account on each faction.  The reason why we''re implementing this system is to increase players''
sense of affiliation to a faction and to make both factions more confronting to each other. To balance each faction, we hope that you choose your faction carefully.

2.  Why do players have to maximize their faction?
 Players must maximize their faction.  If not, they can''t participate in the war system which will also be implemented and other limitations will follow. 
 The faction maximization procedure can be altered based on the participation rate of players.

3.  How to maximize a faction.

1) Go to House Manager Yeo in Dragon castle, and click on Faction Maximize option.

The main options are as follows

Maximize as Zhuang : Choosing your Maxmization faction as Zhuang.

Maximize as Shao
: Choosing your Maximization faction as Shao.

Faction Synchronization
: If other characters that are faction-opposite from the character you chose to maximize a faction with,
you must connect with the characters of opposite faction and choose this option to maximize.

** After you finize your faction, it is NEVER possible to change your faction, so be careful when choosing a faction.

2) Cautions for maximazation procedure

1.  If an account is not faction-maximized, following limitations will apply:
    - Bank will be unusable.

2.  Players get only one chance to choose a faction.
3.  It is impossible to change your faction once you finalize it.
4.  If you have both Zhuang and Shao characters, the character you maximize your faction with will have no problems but
other characters will not be maximized with faction synchronization option if they''re registered to a house(s) of the opposite faction. 
(ex: Player A has one Zhuang character, and one Shao character. 
If Player A chooses to maximize a faction as Shao, his Zhuang character has to secede from its house.)

3) After an account has gone through maximization.

Below is a hypothetical situation. (Maximized as Zhuang when there is 1 Zhuang character and 2 Shao characters)

Before Maximization (Shao, Zhuang, Shao)

After Maximization with Zhuang Ruthless Blade. (Zhuang, Zhuang, Zhuang)

*Above image is made to show an example.

Just like above, we highly encourage players to actively participate in the maximization process, and the limitations
will take effect to those who don''t participate. There will be more benefits if the ratio of each faction is more balanced out, and less if the ratio is less balanced.

Thank you for your continued support.

~ Hero Online Team ~
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