Both guides made by Jiaa

ESA Guide

I looked and no guid in new forum so here comes step by strp how to get draconian and thunderlord with just lvling

Step 1

Get to lvl 80 and recive the quest by black smith in Crystal summit

step 2

Bring Black smith Gold Sand (GS) and Pure Stone Liqued (PSL). GS and PSL can be obtained by mining in GOlden Basin (GB) or by dismantling rare items. u can allso craft them.

GS = 1x Tussah Cloth + 5x five Dragon cloth (5D cloth) +5x with cloth

PSL = 1x Dense Iron Gem + 5 x Violet Gem + 5 x Toxic gem

some says it can fails but i doubt it.

Tussah cloth comes fr0m dismantling Black Dragon armor/Boot/helm (yellow named)

Dense Iron Gem comes fr0m dismantling Black Dragon wepeons/yellow BD acc.

5D cloth comes fr0m dismantling 5D armor/boot/helm (yellownamed)

white cloth comes fr0m dismantling Sky Cleaver armor/boot/helm (Yellow named)

Toxic gem comes fr0m dismantling toxic wepeons

violet gem comes fr0m dismantling violet wepeons

step 3

now u will recive a Eternel Spirit armor (ESA), it has 5000 mins on it

def 150
sd 300

step 4

now u will go to Desserted Tempel and grind with The ESA on.

step 5

if u lucky u can get 1 of the rare items like thunderlord or draconian, but making and grinding with this armor is a risk and hope for luck

step 6

if u get something it will be anounced in green letters

****the thunderlord and draconian*****

there are only 200 of each part


Red Dragon boots guide

I have seach for a Red Dragon boots guid and couldnt find any so here comes

U can get the quest at any lvl there is no limite on it.

BUT u can first wear the boots by lvl 85

With the boots u shall grind in RDL and get some nice red dragon jewlery

Click here for RD accy pics.

U simpel just go to Crystal summit black smith and get the Red Dragon boots quest

To get the mats u can do this:

Black smith craft for free delicate silk and fire proff iron, but they can fail and better quallety u use better chances to pass.

Crafting rate are VERY low

For fire proff iron u can use:

Dense iron
Violet iron
Toxic iron

For delicate silk

White embrodery
Five dragon embrodery

For the next step u need to get mats and books from RDL, and that is

Vulcano rock
Red cotton plant
Red Dragon Embroidery Book
Red Dragon Crystal Ball Book
Red Dragon Boots Book [M] or [F]

Red Cotton Plant x 16 + Delicate Silk x 8 + Red Dragon Embroidery Book = 8.6m Fee.(something around there)

Volcanic Rock x 12 + FireProof Iron x 6 + Red Dragon Crystal Ball Book = 9.4m Fee.(something around there)

Red Dragon Crystal Ball + Red Dragon Embroidery + Red Dragon Boots Book[M] or [F] = 36mil crafting fee (something around there)

Red Dragon Boots = 16% def, 20% sd, and some running speed. and have 5k time limit

The boots look like cryptic boots

here is SS of it thx to DelTaco (0n1mus4)

but go and get the quest and enjoy ^^

but remember the chances to get RDL drops are very low and u need like 1200 def and 2700 sd to be ok in the first part of rdl

plus u need alot of conf def

but have fun 

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