Guide made by RainFlow.

This guide teaches you how to calculate your total Def and Sdef with any set of gears, without having to actually try anything on. Ever see some hax item in a CM shop, but didn’t know if it was right for you and your style of play? Well no more, ‘cause I’m tired of having to convince potential buyers that my hax albeit newby gears will serve them better than their SC or even BD (like my incredible +5 dragon armor =)). Now, you’ll always know what you’re paying for, before you pay for it. Here it goes:

Armors = mask, helm, armor, boots
Jewelry = earring, amulet, ring, bracelet
HT = HT mask, helm, armor, boots
Gears = Armors, Jewelry & HT.
Stat Bonuses: Fruit of Flame Flower, RDP, Wine, MD
Skill Bonus: Buffs and Debuffs

NakedDef = Def without any gears (comes from char level, dex, passive skills, and stat bonuses)*
NakedSDef = Sdef without any gears (comes from char level, dex, int, passive skills, and stat bonuses)*

Upper Defense = total upper defense from mask & helm
Middle Defense = total middle defense from armor
Lower Defense = total lower defense from armor & boots
ArmorBaseDef = (Upper + Middle + Lower) / 3

PureDef = (yellow Def stats from Gear) + (set bonuses**)
Def Percent = (yellow Def percent stats from Gear) + (set bonuses**) + (Statue)***
Pure SDef = (yellow Sdef stats from Gear) + (set bonuses**)
SDef Percent = (yellow Sdef percent stats from Gear) + (set bonuses**) + (Statue)***

* The added dex and int on certain HT has no exact place to fit into this equation. You can factor it in by estimating how much greater your NakedDef and NakedSdef would be. Or, if that piece of HT adds no PureDef, Def Percent, PureSdef, or Sdef Percent, you can find out exactly by simply equipping it.

** Though the data of a set bonus appears on all the items in the set, the bonus itself is just what it says on a single item.

*** Convert to decimal by dividing by 100 ex: 50 percent = 0.50

Defense Formula:
((NakedDef + ArmorBaseDef + PureDef) x (1 + Def Percent)) + Def related Skill Bonus

Skill Defense Formula:
((NakedSdef + PureSdef) x (1 + Sdef Percent)) + Sdef related Skill Bonus

1) Defense does not affect Skill Defense.
2) Skill Defense does not affect Defense.
3) Buffs don’t stack. The most recently activated Buff takes precedence.
4) Debuffs not only cancel buffs, they further reduce according to the number on the debuff.
5) Basic Math: It’s not a good idea to have a lot of pure def and only like 10percentdef on your gears. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to have relatively little pure def and like 75percentdef on your gears. A good balance depends upon your gears, and if you don’t mind doing more than the previously assigned amount of math you can figure out that balance for your character.

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