Boss drops guide Made by ZOMG05

I got a lot of requests for a guide that shows which bosses drop what. I decided to make this guide and here is what I got. A message from reb - " opposed to normal mobs, boss drop +'s are usually higher and more uniform " . Keep in mind, when you hunt bosses you have a higher chance of getting rares, and or good items from bm boss and up.  More will be added later...

Highlands: Ancient warrior - Drops gems, and +d and gear ( 8 - 20 gears )
Venom swamp: Red illusion Sargent? - Drops gems, and +d and clean gear ( 14 -29 gears? )
Spirit Spire: Corrupt Mon - Gems, Five element cases, +'d gears up to +3, Blood eagle Pieces
Southern Plains: (2) Great tigers - Flying tiger armor, gems, five element cases, tiger leathers, +d gears to +3, +d Blood eagles pieces
Bamboo mountain: Fearsome Tiger Regiment Master -  +d 5 dragon armor ( only armor ), +d gears up to +6, +d ghost dragon set pieces to +6 ( not including mask and boots )
Stone valley: Venom Clan Gate Leader Dan - +d 5 dragon armor, +d gears to +6, sky cleaver
Silent valley : Venom Clan Master - Vio and toxic weapons, +d hax gears such as s4n4n4m3 weapons, good masks, Antique book chests, crystals
Crimson sky: General Tussan - Hax ghost masks, Crystals,normal rares, crafting mats
                    Tokma ( demon of posion ) - Good masks, sky dragon helms, crystals, gems, 5 element cases, normal rares
Crystal Summit: Hohanma - Divine skills, normal rares
Deserted Temple: Rakma - hax Black dragon armor, sky cleave armor, boots, helm, normal rares
Red Dragon's lair: Red Dragon - Red dragon pills, Hax sc, Normal rares

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