How to use the blacksmith :
In Hero Online, no matter how low the item level is, you can upgrade the items by Strengthening.
You don't have to be disappointed even if you can't find the rare items.
Even after one Strengthening, your item can become better and stronger.
You can strengthen items from level 1 to 8, and as the level gets higher, the weapon will get stronger. Item's ability will change depending on the kind of strengthening stone.
Same kind of stone can be used repeatedly.

1) Select Upgrade after talking to the Blacksmith Jang

2) Put the item to strengthen in the provided space as shown above.
Put the strengthening items in the three spaces provided.
More items you put in the spaces, it will increase the chance for you to succeed in strengthening the item. When you are ready after placing the items as shown above, click on Strengthen. Strengthening will cost differently depending on the level of item you want to create.
3) Strengthening Result Remember you cannot succeed in every strengthening process.
If failed, the items involved in strengthening process will be destroyed.
4) Now, let's try on the new item you've made.
If you have succeeded, It will show yellow options attached to your item.
Upgraded items have different color depending on the level of the item.
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