Blacksmith success rate guide Created by Danton83
 Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Making + Items
2.1 Strengthening Explained
3.0 Gems Explained
4.0 Crafting your own From Scratch
5.0 Other Blacksmith options
6.0 Credits
7.0 Questions and Answer

Please also see this guide for help with item codes and gem codes!


If you have information on your stats on Smithing or if you smith certain items with what gems please feel free to submit your findings to me here in the guide I would appreciate it. Also if you’re going to submit information please make sure you leave the item name, level to use, and gems used in the process even which smith you were at when you were making the item. Thank you all for your help.

1.0 Introduction

Blacksmith is good I promise. We all hear that but where is the proof? Well I decided to make a guide in hopes to be sticky because everyone needs this information. The guide is going to explain how to make + weapons and armor and how to increase our chances of making them. If you have any questions or anything you think needs added or I skipped over please post at end of guide thank you.

The + number indicates the number of upgrades the item has.
The upgrades it has are listed in green letters below the weapons name.
The yellow numbers are the result of the items upgrades.

You can upgrade your weapon at the blacksmith, put an item in the upper slot and a gem (for example that Opal) in the lower slot and it will add a stat bonus to your weapon.
The stat bonus that a gem gives is listed somewhere below the gems name. In this case its Attack Rate.

There is one down side: there is a chance of failure. The higher + the item you want to upgrade is, the higher the chance of failure. It also gets harder when you use higher-level items (level 2 weapon versus level 57 weapon). You can decrease the chance of failure by putting more gems in the lower slots. This will only add the gems stat bonus once, but it is recommended for items with more than +1.

You can also use crystals to upgrade your weapons with, however they are quite expensive and are only recommended for higher levels.

There are 3 types of stat bonuses, which have a continuous effect on an enemy
-Paralysis damage will paralyze an enemy (they cant move or attack for some time). With higher paralysis damage you are more likely to paralyze your enemy, with a higher duration your enemy stays paralyzed longer.

-Poison damage will cost an amount of hp over an amount of time.
-Confusion damage will confuse your enemy by making it attack its allies. This doesn’t work on players

Min Max damage and attack rate is an extra amount of damage added to your attacks it should count for all your attacks.
Min Max skill damage and skill attack rate is usually higher than the min max damage, but it will only count for your skill attacks.

Crafting is a way of creating a rare and powerful item. Crafting only involves composition items, you can do this at the blacksmith by clicking on the composite tab. put a book in one of the upper slots, and you can see what else you need for it and what item it will produce.
The materials you will need for crafting are quite expensive, and again there is a chance of failure.

Examples of crafted items are Violet Blade, Toxic Sword Violet Shredder, Flying tiger Sword.

Rumors I have heard thus far regarding the Smiths – Still in debate

1) The smith in DC has higher chances of increasing your items from 0 to +3 than the other smiths.
2) The smith in CM is not good at all about 50 chance less likely to happen there than anywhere else
3) The smith in SP has a higher chance of crafting items from +5 to +7
4) The smiths Stink (I half agree)

Other Rumors –NOT TRUE

1) You have better chances when you’re higher level
2) You have better chances if you’re (this class)
3) Your Guild Master has best chances
4) You should never make your own (why not if we didn’t then it would all come from boxes.)

2.0 Making + Items

This section will explain how to make + weapons and armor. First you need a gem. Lets just use a weapon as an example. On your gems you notice it says Weapon, Armor, or Gem. Weapon gems can be added to weapons only, armor gems will work on armor and accessories Gems they work on everything. So to make our bronze sword a +1 bronze sword we need to go to the black smith take one of your weapon gems with you. Now at the smith choose strengthen. Now put in your weapon and gem and click upgrade. There you just attempted to make your weapon +1.

Keep in mind u can fail and failing results in loosing the item and gem.

Through my trials and errors and searching and reading through my research I have discovered this vital information that has been missing which can help us understand it a lot better! I hate adding the below part because so many will argue.

Keep in mind its still pretty much a luck game and a lot of us try and upgrade with just gems.

First Thing to know your chances are never over 75

Clean Items what are they?

Clean Items are items with no additional stats on them without the plus. Basically you can obtain "Clean" items by purchasing from shops. Such as the weapon shop in Dragon Castle (DC) His items are always Clean

Dirty Items What are they?

Dirty items are items usually found by monster drops I assume 80-90 of the items in the game are found this way disregarding any from boxes. Dirty items usually contain a stat prefixed on the Item without a plus. Meaning poison bronze sword will have poison damage added to it and then the regular stats and nothing else this item is "Dirty"

Why do clean and Dirty Items matter? Aren’t Dirty Items better to "BOOM"? (BOOM is a word player’s use for strengthening)

Dirty Items are better items because if it has a stat already on it and you can strengthen the item by doing pure upgrades you will have a higher item than a clean would but dirty items have a higher fail rate to make up for this.


The below is for CLEAN items and a PURE upgrade

Making a level 2 sword from +0 to +7

+0 - +1 One Gem 75
+1 - +2 Two Gems 75
+2 - +3 Three Gems 74
+3 - +4 Three Gems 43
+4 - +5 Three Gems 33
+5 - +6 Three Gems 24
+6 - +7 Three Gems 15

Now if you were to use CRYSTALS

+0 - +1 One Crystal 75
+1 - +2 One Crystal 75
+2 - +3 One Crystal 75
+3 - +4 One Crystal 66
+4 - +5 Two Crystal 54
+5 - +6 Three Crystal 42
+6 - +7 Three Crystal 35

Now if you were to use a Crystal Ball

+7-+8 One Crystal Ball 12
+7-+8 Two Crystal Balls 26
+7-+8 Three Crystal Balls 33

Keep in mind this is with PURE upgrading and CLEAN weapon
- 12 for Dirty Weapons

Armor -- Clean Armor

(rounded estimates based on reports)

+0 - +1 One Gem 62
+1 - +2 Two Gems 51
+2 - +3 Three Gems 43
+3 - +4 Three Gems 38
+4 - +5 Three Gems 31
+5 - +6 Three Gems 18
+6 - +7 Three Gems 6

Luck Scroll DOUBLES your chances of upgrading.

NOTICE: The percents listed in this guide are from my experiences and information submitted to me regarding what people have done.

2.1 Strengthening explained

This section will explain how to increase your chances of strengthening weapons

You can increase your chances simply by adding more gems into the three slots only gems of the same type may be added. This will also increase the cost of strengthening the item and it will NOT stack the effects so 3 opals with 2 attack rate gives the weapon 2 attack rate and not 6. The best way to upgrade would be to use pure upgrade, meaning keep using the same gems with the same bonus.

Vicious give normal defense bonus for armor and normal attack for weapons. The amount of bonus changes as the armor gets better. For example, ghost armor would have a lot more bonus then bloody wolf. Use citrines or carbuncles on vicious they will work the best. Hybrids do not work well.

I found this in the Forums

Para Crystals (Status Crystals)

I’ve so far taken a +0 paralyzing solar sword and upgrade to +2 using only Para crystals. The Para damage seems to increase normally, but the time seems to have increased from 6 seconds to 9 second on first upgrade, and hasn’t increased since...

3.0 The Gems

The List of Gems can be found by

This Section will explain the different types of gems and how to increase odds of making better + weapons.

There are known 3 different types of Gems

Crystal Ball

These are the known gems thus far. The only way to make gems into crystals is to get a composition crystal scroll. Then you put in 3 gems of the crystal type desired for example opal Crystal needs 3 opals and the scroll. To make a Crystal Ball you need a Crystal ball scroll and 3 crystals this is important not gems but crystals. Jadaite Ball (+8-+9) is made by 3 Crystal Balls.

The different Gem types greatly increase your chance of making a higher + item. Right now the highest plus known is +8 unless anyone can confirm higher.

Recommend gem type for strengthen

+1 to +4 = Gems
+5 to +7 = Crystals
+7 to +8 = Crystal Balls

The stats is as if your gem shift from X2 to X3 stats, where X is equal to a letter that a specific prefix has. The "X"" variables are compared to the prefix from boxes or drops from wild and not to the strengthening gem prefixes.

Opal Crystal gives stats that are equal to prefix from boxes or drops from the wild, M2. M2 is 3 Attack Rate. Upon making Opal Crystal Ball, the prefix will now be equal to M3 instead of M2. M3 gives +5 Attack Rate.

Also, for your information, you cannot use extraction on items with X3/X4 stats.

I assume X4 stats are those Jadaite Balls. As GM said, Crystal Balls are for +7 to +8.Assuming again a Jadaite Ball would require Scroll of Jadaite Ball and 3 Crystal Balls and would give X4 stats.

The Hero Guide Says this

In Hero Online, no matter how low the item level is, you can upgrade the items by Strengthening. You don’t have to be disappointed even if you can’t find the rare items.
Even after one Strengthening, your item can become better and stronger.
Item Strengthening has levels from 1st to 8th each higher level meaning stronger the item becomes. Items ability will change depending on the kind of strengthening stone.
Same kind of stone can be used repeatedly.

4.0 Crafting your own From Scratch

When Crafting your own weapons and armor from scratch using the books to do so go to the smith and insert the book it’ll tell you what materials and number of what materials you’ll need. Jot these items down run around in cm until have bought them all. Head back to the smith you desire and insert everything as needed. If you Fail everything is GONE but on the up side of life you can actually make your more back and then some if you make the item and with the new charm from hero tavern you fail 1/5 times which in the end I say if you’re going do get the charms otherwise good luck!

You have a 50 chance of making an item from scratch the new charms adds an additional 1.5* so you have closer to a 75 chance of actually making the item Thanks codenameV for this information.

5.0 Other Blacksmith options

This section explains each blacksmith option

Strengthening Increases weapons and armor and accessories bonus and is a very risky business. I explained a lot of it above since it is the most used.

Dismantling System breaks an item down to its contents in order to combine it with different items. Basically it breaks the whole item down to is base components even to the book to create it. Keep in mind it doesn’t give 100 of what you need to make the item it only gives a portion if any at all.

Extracting Reduces the item by +1 and if your lucky you get the strengthening item if it fails u get to keep your item and loose the + which isn’t always bad
Extraction may yield gems or crystal depending on the code of item you extract from. It depends on the code string. Sometimes a negative code blocks out extraction possibility.


This actually means your weapon is +4 +16 Skill Attack Rate (SAR)

If extraction is successful, you will get garnet crystals.

Composition this as far as I know is for crafting craft items, weapons, armor like making crystal balls or even steel For example to make Steel you need a book of steel Book of Steel Cast Iron (3) and Diluted Powder.

6.0 Credits

I must thank the GMs for making this all possible. Secondly I need to thank JDJLEO for his use of the Crystal Ball Scroll. Also I must thank GOMJABBAR and Windbringer for their information and findings. And I also must thank the people who created the strengthening gem guide on the home page KUGUTSU for the great introduction information.

Danton83 - IGN
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