Guide made by Usako
First off, grind or farm your butt to Level 100 50 Percent

Go to Lord Sagun at Dragon Castle to activate your quest.

1. +3 a Golden Pole Arm and bring to Chief Guard Lee

2. Go to Cave of Ruin for Precious Jade and Search for the "Random NPC" like you did with Rare Skill Book Quest.

-check each puddle by right clicking on the Jade Sensor

-Collect 9 Precious Jade. (the jades are random, go through each puddle, if no more jades are found, go to next server. At least thats what I did)

-Search for the Random NPC to turn in the Precious Jades.

-Compose the 3 items given by the Random NPC

3. Go to General Young and Dismantle the item given by General Young and bring to Ice Palace Lord with the following items.

98 iron ore
19 cast iron
4 steel
7 violet iron
9 toxic iron
91 black coal
8 chromatic powder
32 chromatic gem
94 natural gem

4. Ice Palace Lord will request another set of items after you bring him the previous items.

89 silk cloth
37 silk
96 tiger leather
23 iron thread
6 five dragon embroidery
11 white embroidery
92 dye
87 softening oil
1 stone powder
14 diluted powder
9 gem powder

5. Once again, Ice Palace Lord will request the final and last set of items.

2 tussah
2 dense iron
1 fireproof iron
1 delicate silk
90 volcanic rock
85 red cotton plant
1 crystal ball of each kind (Garnet, Opal, Emerald Jadeite, Citrine, Jadeite)

6. Extract the Item given by Ice Palace Lord till you get all 3 Materials. Then bring a set of Divine Books as well as the Items received from Ice Palace Lord to your Faction District Shogun. (opposite direction of GB,SP,Mudo Portals)

1 Divine Sword
1 Divine Throwing
1 Divine Axe
1 Divine Rod
1 Divine Bow
1 Divine Fist

7. The Shogun will request you to kill Red Dragon for Horn of Red Dragon.

8. Bring the Horn of Red Dragon back to Shogun. Apply the pill he gives you.

9. Talk to the Shogun again after you apply the pill. and ENJOY BEING LVL 101.

Screenshots: (credit to LunaticFist)

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