Posted by [GM] Dream

** All Skills and Passives shown here have max points invested into them with about 700 Int invested. Only the new skills that are currently implemented will be listed.


Skill (Buff)- Piercing Blow: Duration 1800 Seconds, Skill Defense 230, Continuous HP Cure 700

Skill- Healing Hermit: HP Heal 3361-3376 (Thi skill currently has a uneccesarily long cool down trying to get it changed)

Passive- Paralysis Def 16, HP Recovery 81 o/o, Max Chi +293, Skill Def +36

Skill (Buff)- Swiftness: Duration 1800 Seconds, Accuracy 130, Dodge Rate 200, Running Speed 5.0

Skill- Disguise of Darkness: Stealth Ability 240 (Trying to get this cooldown slightly adjusted as well, might not happen though because if you pump this skill book with 10 A.M. the cool down isnt that long.)

Passive- Min Damage +15 Max Damage +17, Accuracy +72, Dodge Rate 111

Skill (Buff)- Heavenly Crane Wall: Duration 1800 Seconds, Defense 695

Passive- Defense +72

** Do not put points into Tolerating Soul it does not currently do anything.

Skill (Buff)- Transforming Power: Duration 900 Seconds, Attack Damage 590-593, Defense 361

Passive- Max HP +284, HP Recovery 54 o/o

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