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Welcome to the 3rd Cryptic Tale Guide. Good idea for checking the guide, because it is very hard telling people how to do this tale while in game.
This tale is frustrating and may be time consuming, so you might want to get some coffee or a powernap beforehand.

You will get two good items (scroll to the bottom) that can give you about 8m in total if you wish to sell, though they are good enough to use/wear.

3rd Cryptic Tale starts at the Highland Tavern Clerk. Talk to her and she'll mention some 'incensory' stuff, but you can ignore that. Pay attention to the 'talk to important people' part of the quest

*Note* For some people, this step does not show up. Restart the game and it should work.

Talk to the Venom Swamp Clerk. This is the 2nd most challenging, and probably second-most frustrating part. You will have to play a game. This is how the game works:

You draw a card, which has a number. The Clerk also draws a number on her card. The goal is to get a total combined number that is 20 or less. The player with a total closer to 20 wins. So I might draw a 1st card of 7, and a 2nd card of 12. That brings my total to 19. Pretty good. Then the Tavern Clerks draws a total of 18. I win.

This part sucks the most because it can take a BIG chunk of money, whatever level you are. I was pretty poor with around 1.5 million, and by the end of this part, I lost 500K. I found that whenever I got 18, she always beat me, whenever I got 19, she tied me, and whenever I got 20 (only once), I beat her. Good luck, and have patience

Notice: It seems you'll need a minimum of 1k in your inventory to play the game. If anyone can test this, please try it out. But as much as possible, don't leave all your money in your inventory. I redid this quest with another char and left 300k in my inventory, and I had no problems.

The single most FRUSTRATING part of the tale. More frustrating than the trees and the 2nd cryptic. Here you need to first talk to the Tavern Clerk who requests that you talk to the 9 dead heroes (they are skeletons) to get their wills. You must talk to them in order, and this is random for everyone (cryptic tales = random)
Here is a picture of the locations. Thanks to Kayle for making this.
Once you are done that MISERABLE part, you will encounter a miserable part - for some. You need to go to SP, who will tell you to go to the Mad Physician in VS.

BUT you need 20 items. 10 Freshness and 10 Recovery Pills. I don't believe you can' get these other than from lots and from other players. I shelled out 200K for both of them, which is a lot, but the reward is AWESOME (I will get to it). You shoud only pay about 20k in total for the pills.

Collect those two sets of items and talk to the Mad Physician. He will tell you to go to the Dragon Castle to talk to the residents

This part is random for everyone, so you will have to talk to all residents. The person will abruptly tell you that the Hunter Trainer is the man you are looking for.

Talk to the Hunter Trainer and he will give you a box. You can open it, theres nothing but one of those letters and some nice music in the background

Head back to the Highland Tavern Clerk, talk to her. She will give you an urn to send to the Humble Incensory. DO NOT go to the incensories at Venom Swamp! Instead, the humble incensory is right beside the portal to the Great Mine! Go there, and you will get TWO ITEMS.

The Rewards

-Strengthening Wine
Strength +6
Dexterity +6
Intelligence +6
Lasts for 5000 mins. May be consumed only once and can't be taken off to preserve time like armor. If you don't really need it, just sell it or preserve it for another time.

-Yoo's Family's Heroic Circlet
+72 HP
+120 Chi
35 Def
60 Skill Defense (WOW)
Lasts for 7200 mins
This helm is very good if you are low on HP and def. I used this up to lvl 70 since the SC helm gives better def.

Talk to the Highland Tavern Clerk and feel good knowing that you have done the tale! Next up is the 4th Cryptic - whenever that is Wink

The current market rates as of October 5th, 2007, are:
Wine 6m-7m
Helm, 1.5m - 2.5m

I hope you enjoyed this guide.

I click on the skeletons, but they say nothing!
This is because the skeleton you clicked is not the one in order. Visit all on the map, and eliminate each one that you talk to so you don't need to go to all.

I click on the skeletons, but it doesn't select!
There are skeletons that can be selected and some not. For example, the ones in the middle on that hill cannot be selected. They are just for show. Skeletons that are selectable will have a bubble appear when you move the cursor over it

I got the pills but the Physician doesn't accept them
This could be because (1) you didn't not put them in the 1st and 2nd slot, and/or (2) you did not separate them into 10. To do so, you need to hold shift, click the pills, move to a new slot, and specify the # you want to be separate. Also, (3), do not buy pills from a CASE, they will not work.

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