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This is not a complete A to Z walkthrough, it does not give the details that are easy to follow in your Quest Log Details in game, only those parts that are a bit tricky Smile so dont try to follow this guide step by step, its only to get you over the rough spots! Read your quest log details often and read what the npc's (non player characters) say. Those will get you through everything else. Feel free to post questions or suggestions for the guide in this thread Smile

Your first task is to find the hidden book in the Divine trees in the Highlands, (see map below). Then you go to General Yong at SP (Southern Plains).

Here's a little tip to get to these places cheap and fast if you havent learned it yet. You can go to all these places for cheap by using the Tavern Clerks (all of them, DC, VS, SP, Highlands) and going to the Central Market for 1k. From there, the Guard where you land will port you to all of these places for free Smile

Yong sends you on an errand but it's not clear from the quest log what to do. The npc text does tell you but not everyone reads through all the quest text lol Razz Visit these npc's in this order to get the answer from Jun.

To squeeze the answer out of Tavern Clerk Jun, you need to visit these in order:
Start at Yong in SP (Southern Plains)
Jun - VS (Venom Swamp)
Yong - SP
Lord Sagun - DC (Dragon Castle)
Jun - VS
Yong - SP
Banker - SP
Jun - VS

Another part that sometimes causes trouble, especially if you put the quest aside for awhile is this collection of items that Chief Guard Lee of Dragon Castle tells you to get:

39 spice herb from banker sun hwa of southern plain
39 great healing tea from tavern clerk ming of SP
39 revival pills from bookstore clerk seo at DC
39 rejuv pills from linen shop hwang DC
39 minor healing tea from weapon store hyun DC
39 healing tea from blacksmith jinmu SP
39 large healing tea from linen shop baek SP
39 chicken meat loaf from ornament store wang DC
39 duck meat loaf from stable keeper ma DC
39 roe deer meat loaf from tavern clerk sohae DC
43 calf meat loaf from castle physician DC
43 charm of return from bookstore clerk woon SP[/quote]

After visiting every npc and getting all of the above items (you should have 14 items including the two quest items, Conciliation and Martial Tablets all in the top two rows of your first inventory page) then talk to gate guard So Hwa in SP. Gate Guard So Hwa tells you to talk to Assassin Trainer Bing in DC next. Bing sends you on the errand of inserting the tablets into trees. (thanks LISAB Smile ) (see map below)

This list shows the order of all the items too. If you havent visited all the npc's where you are supposed to get these items it wont work. Guard Lee in DC tells you the list of npc's too but not the amounts. If you are missing any items or have used a few from a stack just buy them from the tavern and restack until they are the right numbers. (You can separate items from a stack in your inventory by Shift-Clicking the stack and click another slot).

The part that most ppl have trouble with is the last trees in the Highlands where you place the Conciliation, Martial, Golden and Yellow Tablets. They go into the four trees that have names like the tablets (not the Divine trees).

All tablets must make a chime sound when you place them. There is no correct or incorrect order for the trees, it is random, different for everyone.

If you don't hear the sound retrieve and go to next tree. If all have been placed and you didnt hear a sound for each, you need to retrieve them all, start again. It's not as bad as it sounds, it doesnt take long in my experience Smile Jot down the trees that make a sound and keep trying the others until you have them all. The last correct tree will give you the Cryptic armor, one male and one female Very Happy Make sure you have your game music volume up (in Options) you are in for a nice treat Smile

It is then your choice to either turn in the two armors to complete the quest or keep the armor. The armor has mid/low 26/6 plus defense 40 and 8%. If you plan to turn them in, DO NOT try the armor on or it won't work, they must be full 7200 minutes. If you do turn the two armors in you get two Cryptic Boots (Male & Female) with lower def 18 plus 30 def, 6% skill def and 5% exp bonus. I personally wore the armor, and still do in my 50's lol its awesome with the 5% xp bonus and better def than armor in my 50's level range. I traded my extra male armor with another player for the female Cryptic boots so I am getting 10% xp bonus as they do stack Very Happy (edit: My Combat Medic just started on her second set of Cryptic Armor Very Happy)

If you dont turn the armors in, you can still go on to the 3rd Cryptic quest if/when they reimplement it.
Just to clear the wind. Im beta testing new client and the 3rd cryptic tale can be done even if you dont finish the 2nd and wear the armor.

Unequip the armor and/or boots when you arent fighting and they will last longer Smile

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